Caitlyn Jenner is promoting her new book “The Secrets of my Life” to DEATH, but it’s not selling like wildfire. And that’s FINE with the Kardashians. The girls are angry because they feel Caitlyn is speaking negatively about their mother. Caitlyn has implied that if ex-wife Kris had been more “understanding” they might still be married! Did Caitlyn actually think she and Kris could become best girl friends and go shopping together? In fact, Caitlyn believes her whole family is not supportive enough. They rarely see each other any more and there are no Kardashians at Caitlyn’s book signings. We think Caitlyn needs to be more understanding – watching one’s husband or father become a woman can be traumatizing.
(Above, Caitlyn at Barnes and Noble)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Bruce has admitted that he had been taking female hormones for 5 years when he met Kris. So this transition could not have been a big surprise to Kris. He had started to develop breasts! In fact, I would bet she knew all along that he identified as a female.

    Yes, it is traumatizing to see your father become a woman; especially in such a public way but Kris has to accept some responsibility.

  2. he just everyone to think he is as interesting and important as he thinks he is……never gonna happen.

  3. When will these hell hounds finally go away?

  4. I remember seeing photos of him in the 80’s and thinking that he was incredibly feminine. There was a blind item in one magazine during that period that hinted about a popular athlete being gay. I always thought they were talking about Jenner. I never found out who the magazine was talking about. However, I kept thinking it was him because he was so darn feminine in his features and his attire.

  5. I was a fan of Bruce Jenner the Olympian Champion. I was not a fan of Bruce Jenner the man that abandoned his first four kids.

    I’m not a fan of Caitlyn. Not because she use to be a man but because of how selfish she acts.

    With someone with such an enormous ego, it had to be difficult living with the Kardashian women and their selfish, inflated egos. There were many times that I felt bad for Jenner simply because of the humiliating way he was portrayed on the Kardashian show.

  6. Just because he thinks he’s a women doesn’t mean we have to believe it too. He has his dick. He does not get a period. He is mental.He is a man. This world is getting nuts and I’m sick of them shoving this down our throats.

  7. Paula, the dick is officially gone now. Jenner had the surgery.

    Why not wear flats ? He is already over six foot

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