Conor Kennedy, 18, doesn’t have a thing to worry about – when it comes to his on again off again girlfriend Taylor Swift. The pair are on a break while he finishes high school and Taylor is on tour promoting her new album. Taylor, 22, has been seen hanging out with 18 year old Harry Styles of the boy band One Direction, and they are creating quite a stir among their young fans.What a coincidence! All this attention is great for BOTH of them because they both have new albums to promote, but insiders feel Taylor is still hooked on Conor and her friendship with Harry is career-driven. Harry was more than delighted to post photos of himself with Taylor at Central Park on Twitter.

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  1. @xyz, let’s be real. Conor was just another face in an overcrowded Kennedy 3rd generation cousin pool before Taylor came along, and that’s what he’ll go back to being now that she’s moving on.

    And since the last Twilight movie has been released and zoomed to success, can Gossipers quit pretending that Rob and Kristen were ever an authentic couple? THANK YOU

  2. how many men has this thing been through at her age? she’s a horrific ‘role model’ for the millions of young girls who think she is so great.

  3. @ that’s it.

    I agree 100%. She tries to come off as holier-than-thou, but in fact she is a scheming bitch with a devilish agenda.
    Does none of her screaming fans ever consider her raunchy past and that she is never, but never, without a man. Plus, she has a goofy gawky figure. lol

  4. I recently saw Silverlining Playback, and enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence’s character who did not feel shame about about herself or her actions, but accepted who she was. Cut Taylor some slack.

  5. Indy your statement is a bit gender-biased, it is the same thing that her male counterparts do.

  6. She looks gangly like Gumby. That girl is so over-rated and uninteresting.

  7. Cal, the resident evangelical fruitcake and conspiracy theorist wouldn’t recognize normal behavior if it bit her.

    A pretty young girl dates an assortment of young men as potential suitors rather than plunge directly into marriage and popping out kids.

    This could ONLY be the behavior of a horrific bitch with a devilish agenda I tell ya!

  8. I am so glad you finally recognize my superlative wisdom on many subjects, having traveled to 9 countries and seen many things. It’s supernatural, you wouldn’t fully understand. Thanky kindly anyway.

  9. I would like to revise my words–‘devilish agenda’. The just plain agenda, as everyone knows, is to write songs about the ex-boyfriends. So I guess the songs about the 2 Kennedy relatives she is/has been dating will be a biggie. And of course she is already a multi-millionaire. Imho, she is still living a little too much on the wild side to be so young.

  10. She goes through men like they’re water. I guess she wants to make sure she has lots of material for her CDs. I like her music, but she is beyond ridiculous the way she dates and casts aside. I guess she must want to be the next Paris Hilton. Remember her??

  11. I’m curious when people are gonna start figuring out that Taylor Swift is no longer this innocent little thing but has turned into a little ho… she has a new man every other week, she’s gonna have slept her way thru Hollywood really fast…

  12. I don’t understand what people see in her. I don’t like her music, she apparently sleeps around and she looks like a scrawny rat to me.

  13. She likes to control younger boys, must be because of the nasty dump DB John Mayer put on her.

  14. @Christine,

    We can in all fairness, only assume that you were referring to yourself when you wrote the following about a complete stranger, a person you’ve never ever even spoken to ?

    “She tries to come off as holier-than-thou, but in fact she is a scheming bitch with a devilish agenda.”

    As a Christian,face it, you’re a total fraud, and give that sour hateful and stupid little prick Strom, a real run for his money.

    you guys should open a KKK coffee shop together ! Race and religious bigotry and muffins.

  15. Have you checked yourself @Strom for herpes ?

    oh … , that was a stupid question … sorry,

    as you’ve never actually had sex with an actual human, have you ?

    didn’t think so ..

    btw, Christine, do dial back the hatred eh ? It makes you sound like he who hates !!! Lakes o Fire !!

  16. I don’t like her at all, just another bland product. a bit like a donut, kinda unfufilling and too artifically sweet.

    Kinda false and fake too.

    But, I am much more dismayed by the level of hatred of this young girl, wow, some of you folks need to look in the mirror, and get right with the Lord.

    He preached tolerance and grace, something some of you have forgotten.

    just my 10cents

  17. oh Christine, do give it a break ..

    there’s no evidence at all that you’ve learned anything,of any real value – as your observations and comments are, by and large, trite, mean spirited and theologically flaccid.

    No one thinks your a wit honey, just a chubby girl, with a big chip on her shoulder and no boyfriend …

    but wait, theres still hope, there’s Strom !!!!

  18. hey Christine, wowza … 9 whole countries eh ?

    wow, that must play real impressive in the trailer park huh ?

    Sweety, nine’s nothin to brag about, not these days, and it just helps to illustrate that you’re just another local yokel

  19. I dont think anyone hates Taylor or anyone else….you can see that she has a heavy desire for the spotlight at all times. As the CDC reported 50% of BLACK women have and spread herpes. Taylor seems to have had many “dates” in her young life so the opportunity is there for her just like many others, including Blonde Jen Aniston!

    Poor, poor S Trumpet….ready to spew hate at any poster who doesn’t toe the PC rainbow line. It is an impossibility for you to comment on something as complicated as a gossip thread…but do the best you can and leave strom out of it.

  20. You are all so superior and dumb. I do not hate the girl, I never said the word hate. I also took back my comment about “devilish agenda”. (see above where I revised it).

    Anyway, if the ones who are badmouthing me can read, you will see that I am NOT the only one that has said a few things about her. You are all just jealous because you know I am going to heaven and you are not considering the soon coming J-Day. Bring it on, the more hate for me, the merrier I get.

    PS: I’m not chubby, my house is over 2000 sq, feet, with inground pool, and married. No money worries. You asked. (Kip and LaWanda).

  21. It’s not about posters…who really cares about you, your religion, your house, your travels, or your finances (no one). Anything you or anyone else says here could be a lie.

    Same as Blueberry muffins, just keep it to yourself.

  22. @Christine, you wrote the following:

    “You are all just jealous because you know I am going to heaven and you are not considering the soon coming J-Day. Bring it on, the more hate for me, the merrier I get.”

    Dear girl, a moment of actual self evaluation is highly recommended, you seem well … delusional and ridiculous in equal measures really.

    I’d have to agree with the others too, that given all your declarations of religious infallibility, wealth, world travel and water sports, that you probably are, a fatty living in a double wide.

  23. Poor S Trumpet…as usual, has no comment on the thread but delusional spite thrown at posters.

    Taylor spent $4.5 million on a house across from Kennedy’s pad and now may well get hit w/ high Mass income tax…her handlers must love her ineptitude w/ money!

  24. To all rabid liberals on here:

    And to take it to another level to raise your blood pressure:

    Just wait until ObamaCare comes fully in effect and you can’t get in the E.R. or see a doctor because 25 million illegal immigrants have been granted amnesty by B. Hussein O. They will be ahead of you in the E.R. cooking a goat and you will wait and wait. Plus, with few general practitioners, the wait to see a doctor will be verrry long.

  25. Thought so,

    so your’e really just another Nazi in the woodpile eh ?… Your faux “Christian” rants gave you away, long ago really, the hatred and envy just kept popping up like a zit on your nose, you’d forget it was there , but we’d see it Christine, it was rather hard to miss

    the rants were pretty pathetic,but not quite as bad as Strom’s dumb witted comments though, btw. enjoy purgatory …. with your fellow traveller Strom. there you both can knash your teeth, and point at all the foreigners and immigrants from the back of your trailer, wearing your white sheets, in the flames

    ya, like God, in his infinite wisdom is gonna pick you ….

  26. As a middle aged, working MD in a mid-size west coast clinic, I can state with complete certainty, that you do not know what you are talking about @ Christine India

    get your facts straight please, thanx E

    I still love this site !!

  27. It is odd the way they give this girl a “free pass” if she really is hooking up with all these guys. I always read she was just a beard for them …

  28. Has nothing to do w/ this thread but I even agree w/ Erika K on this. Obamacare is a $$$$ for doctors.

    Until and unless massive pressure is put on the fees that doctors and hospitals charge medical costs will not decline. They escalate because people like to flash an insurance card and dont ask the cost.

    More competition in the way of more available doctors and nurses is one answer. You can thank Hillary C. for sucking up to AMA to keep the number of doctors in med school lower than demand.

    You have been sold a bill of goods by the AMA in saying: don’t you want to see your family doctor, a man/woman you trust? All it is today is assembly line medicine that makes doctors multi-millionaires and support Democrats.

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