Family Pajamas


Watch out Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian is coming for you. Jessica’s Honest Baby Clothing is an industry leader in selling matching family pajamas – these are especially popular over the Christmas season – but now Kim wants in on the action. Jessica’s company was plagued by shipping mishaps this season and some online reviews are less than pleasant, so Kim is planning to branch out her Skims line and market matching family pajamas next year. My source says that Jessica caught wind of Kim’s plans and she’s concerned, especially since Kim has countless devoted fans and a huge social media presence. It also makes sense since Kim’s Skims line already sells loungewear. One industry insider says that Kim could likely dominate the pajama game and make a huge dent in Jessica’s business.

Photo: The Honest Company

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Sometimes a shout out from Oprah Winfrey isn’t a good thing – just ask Jessica Alba. Oprah included the family pajamas by Jessica’s company, Honest Baby Clothes on her annual holiday list of favorite things, causing a MASSIVE surge in sales! The problem is Jessica didn’t realize HOW  powerful Oprah is, and her company wasn’t prepared for the flood of nonstop orders. According to an insider, there are SO many orders backed up for the holiday family pajamas that some customers won’t get them in time for their holiday photos or Christmas cards. Frantic Jessica had to hire more people to handle all the unexpected business and complaints about late shipping.

Photo: Honest Company – Jessica and family