What a sight! According to a reliable source, two black and white police cars plus a car with detectives pulled up to the fanciest condo high rise building on Wilshire Blvd. Friday and the police proceeded to EVICT Suge Knight – apparently for not paying his mortgage. Usually it doesn’t take so many officers to enforce an eviction but maybe thery were jittery about how the exconvict would react. (Can you blame them?) After a barrage of lawsuits and problems with his label Death Row Records, Knight went bankrupt last year. Wealthy neighbors like Farrah Fawcett, Carol Burnett and Patti LaBelle may have witnessed his dramatic departure from that exclusive address. All Suge’s possessions were loaded into a truck that sat PARKED in front of the building because he couldn’t decide where to go with them! We don’t think he’ll be sleeping on Snoop Dogg’s couch.



  1. Maybe some of his prison ex-cellmates can give him a place to stay?

  2. His accountant probably told him, “ya need to file for bankruptcy” as your studio gear is rather out of date equipment – all that analog stuff. Digital is what you need.
    What do you wanna bet he records Patti Labelle’s new album and of course is the great come back of the year and moves to Memphis to tap into the Jazz & Blues Scene.

  3. The same thing will happen to all of those like him.
    How embarrassing!

  4. Somewhere the Notorious B.I.G is smiling. Cant say the same about P Diddy, probably too afraid to even mention Suge’s name ala Candyman, he may show up. Poo-poo to Suge The Artist formerly known as SugarBear. Karma is a mother…shut yo mouth, Im just talkin bout Suge!

  5. suge was NOT evicted. please get your imformation correct. the condo was occupied by a friend whom he no longer deals with. this being the case the condo is being evacuated. trust that suge has many places to call home. unlike the losers posting and responding to these rumors

  6. how many would say these things to his face?…i didnt think so

  7. God don’t like ugly – and now it has come back to haunt him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. oh please suge knight wouldnt even be allowed in the surreal life. I saw his fat arse in vegas during all star weekend he looked like a fatter version of a chocolate colored michellin man. he is one gross piggo.

  9. You all better agree with ‘rocstar’ or he might send Suge after us all.

  10. He is a gross fat pig and it is justice that he is falling. He’ll be one of those fat men in a nightclub chasing women talking about who he was

  11. I would say it to his face no problem if you do your research not many “Death Row” Thugs hang around him like in the past . Everyone knows what he has done thanks to Russel Poole . . . and now it is finally catching up with him . . . I have been waiting a very long time for his failure to come around hopefully he will repent before his demise . . . like us all . . . anyway If you do your research you will discover that Mr. Suge Knight has lost power not only in the Rap Game but in Life it’s self lol Look at who’s making money of Pac’s albums now instead of the man that took his Life lol I’m Out

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