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Another blow to Scientology! That “Sons of Anarchy” actor who horrifically murdered his landlady AND her cat was an active Scientologist! According to RadarOnline, Johnny Lewis, 28, was a high profile member of the cult and touted on websites and message boards. When he wasn’t acting, Lewis was a violent criminal with a history of robbery and assault . He was fresh out of jail and likely high on some drug when he killed his 81 year old landlady at her Los Feliz home, beat up a couple of neighbors, and ended up dead when he fell off the roof. (Above, Johnny and his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry)

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  1. What a horrible nightmare for his parents, friends and family. My heart goes out to the poor landlady and kitty.

    What on earth happens to the fragile mind?

  2. Well, I for one am very happy that he’s burning in hell right now because of what he did to that poor cat. It was bad enough to beat his landlady to death, but an innocent cat? Yes, the Bible does speak against abusing animals. Scientologists everywhere should be so proud.

  3. Demons can infiltrate the weak brains of a Scientologist and are capable of causing the mixed-up SCIentologist to do anything.

  4. he isn’t the only scientologyst who is fucked up.


  5. What a lunatic. Weak minded, drug using, violent scientologist. Poor lady and poor cat. This freak should have been locked up for good and not released 5 days before this. Katy Perry loves the bad boys and crazy boys.

  6. Shelby, come on, grow up. you’re being trite, vacuous and kinda desperate. What’s wrong ? Nobody want’s you ? No human that is ….

    Remember Galathians 14, Verse 10 !!!

    ” faties with cat smell will not be allowed to rumba ! sayeth the Lord!

  7. Maybe this is the meth addict Russell was referring to: Russel Brand Talks About His Marriage To Katy Perry Saying: If You’re A Tennis Pro & You Marry A Meth Addict You’ll Have Trouble?

  8. Clearly ” Demons can infiltrate the weak brains” of pseudo Christians on gossip sites too !

  9. ALL religions are cults as anyone with a functioning brain can tell from the bigoted comments by members of one cult against another on here.

    Katy Perry looks crazier than him in that photo and it is no suprise with her Bible thumping Christ. Cult upbringing. Religion is a mental disorder: talking snakes, walking on water, concep. without a woman.LOL. A person has to be a brainwashed idiot to believe this $$$ driven business.

  10. Jenny, if a cult kills one and another that is their business yet sad like Jim jones killed his own 900 members. When a cult like Zion are members of the jewish faith that uses their religion to advocate war in another country that was stolen or just given to them and lobbies and convinces the president, congress and citizens of another country to send your husband, brothers, uncles, cousins. Yourself, wives, sisters, aunts, cousins, never their own jews to fight for a war that has nothing to do with their own faith but to control kill people then control their land resources of other people.
    What name do you have for them. I don’t see sciencetology doing that do you?

    Please let me come to your house,rape you, your kids, your husband, then force you out but round you back up to make you work for me for free for the rest of your life and see how how you like it. Then dare to tell me your religion is better than mine. My dear once you are the slave and for a million years your children’s, children’s hears the nonsense that their masters religion is better than the peasants religion. Just have to repeat the lie long enough to make them believe it. That sounds like you are already there to become their slave.

  11. What a terrible thing. I suppose the only saving grace is that he fell off the roof and died. Saves us from another hyped up Hollywood trial.

  12. Hello and Jenny both, I think you’ve proved people’s point on religious self delusion. Your posts show a staggering lack of self awareness, religious tolerance, which admittedly might be mutually exclusive, either way, in short, please don’t reproduce, we’ve enough Hitlers already.

  13. wow, thanks Hilary for sharing that link. That is a truely touching essay.

  14. His father is one of Scientology’s bigwigs.Katy sure can pick ’em!

  15. The statememts on this page are scarier than some at a KKK meeting – some, not all. If you get a chance google scientology related deaths- the number is not low.

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