Here’s Pamela Anderson leaving Paris Hilton’s house early in the morning and we figured out how she got there. Paris and Pam turned up TOGETHER at Koi the night before for cocktails. Koi regulars, who had never seen them together before, were surprised by the unlikely duo – “Who knew THEY were friends?” (they have a lot in common – their mutual paparazzi addiction) The fun-loving gals ordered Crystal champagne and vodka cranberry cocktails. PAM paid the four hundred dollar tab and left a hundred dollar tip. (Paris says she NEVER pays for drinks) Apparently they continued partying at Paris’s and that’s how Pam ended up staggering out early in the AM.

12 thoughts on “SOMETHING IN COMMON

  1. Janet, A few mistakes. It is Cristal champagne not Crystal and Pam and Paris have been friends for years – remember all of the photos of them on the beach in Malibu last summer?

  2. umm…Pam Anderson has been friends with Paris Hilton for a long time, ever since Paris had her sex tape come out. They bonded over that shared experience.

  3. Dear, how could you not know about their friendship? They have been in every magazine for years…..

  4. If two people shouldn’t drink it is the one with the DUI and the one with Hepatitis.

  5. I didn’t realize they were friends. Paris seems too immature for Pam.

  6. Well, neither of them have been accused of being mental giants. Who else would they hang out with? I imagine they are both pretty shallow and self-centered. Ahhh, a match made in herpes, uh – I mean heaven.

  7. pamela anderson is a loser, go be with your boys, not doing God knows what til the wee hours. pretty pathetic!

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