We are consistently appalled by Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford’s German ex-husband Daniel Giersch, who has taken her children away from her! Somehow, through senseless court proceedings in various countries, her sneaky HUSBAND has custody of HER two American born children. Giersch has his mother caring for the kids in Europe. Kelly’s court battle has already bankrupted the actress and we feel awful for her because children should live with their MOTHER! Now her nasty and litigious ex-husband Giersch has proven just how petty and vindictive he is by taking legal action against Vanity Fair magazine for writing about her plight. He claims they “harmed his reputation with inaccurate statements.” He is a MONSTER! Can’t SOMEBODY help this woman? (Above, Kelly and son Hermes in happier days)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Daniel Giersch has mental issues…I think she needs to file kidnapping charges against him. This is unreal. I agree Janet!

  2. Just because she gave birth doesn’t mean she is automatically the best parent. Where they were born means just as much. Perhaps there are huge issues nobody knows about. Perhaps there is abuse, substance abuse or drinking that we don’t know about. While I feel sorry for any parent who loses custody (unless it is a well documented reason!), I also do not agree with the thinking that a child is automatically better off in America or with their mother. Not by a long shot.

  3. get her children back from where?

    from paradise (monaco)?

    from their biological father?
    i dont understand you.

    THE EX was awarded full custody of their children after “mom of the year” violated several court orders.

  4. Just from what I have ready since 2009 (?), it appears to me that Daniel Giersch had an agenda and Kelly Rutherford was it.

    Part of me thinks he chose Rutherford for money and having the kids was a bonus for him and would insure his link to her for the next 18 years and possibly lots of $$$ for child support.

    I remember when she was expecting their second child and they had already broken up and he was in France, and he was mouthing off about her. He showed what a pig he is.

  5. @Becky M&Bu – U need mental help, just like Kelly does. Not Daniel is the one with problems, she is. She is the white version of Halle Berry.

  6. Her kids should never be in her company again. Their daddy is the better parent. She’s an evil self promoting horrible person. You must be on her payroll Janet.

  7. I would move over there if I were her, she can come back to America when they are grown.

  8. He got full custody because he’s VERY wealthy – end of story. The children were born here and should stay here. You can’t replace a MOTHER!!!!!

  9. I would want to be wherever my kids were.

    Wonder who the real good guy is in this….OR Are there two bad guys?

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