bspears.jpgWhile Britney Spears plays housewife and mom, K-Fed is STILL in the recording studio fiercely reworking his music. According to sources “He can’t make up his mind – he keeps redoing things over and over. It’s never quite right.” Of course expensive studio time doesn’t matter when your wife is loaded. Coworkers say Kev is “THE MAN” , swaggering about, calling the shots, and chainsmoking (hand rolled cigarettes) when his famous spouse isn’t around. “But when Britney shows up, Kevin changes – he gets all meek and keeps saying ‘Yes, Dear’.”
So who really wears the pants?

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13 thoughts on “SO WHO'S THE MAN?

  1. Disgusting, but predictable of his particularly slimy breed of hanger-on.
    Is there any confirmed info on what Britney’s mother has to say about all this? Has she officially given up on Britney to let her make her own mistakes or are they fighting, no longer talking, what? This girl needs someone who cares about her to intervene!

  2. Of course she wears the pants. K-Fag is such a looser Ugh!!!

  3. I have heard previously that Britney’s mom is supportive of Kevin (why, I can’t even imagine) and that she has encouraged Brit to stay w/him because of the new baby -that’s nuts. Denise Richards up & left her man while pregnant because he was a jerk -why can’t Brit?? She has the resources to survive. He is just a leech spending her $ as fast as he can! I, along w/many others I think, am hoping she & Justin will eventually find each other again. At least he was decent.

  4. I think that’s sweet. Nothing wrong with a woman who brings a man to his knees.

  5. You know I like gossip as much as the next person I just get tired of hearing about Kevin Federline. Tell us about other people

  6. KF makes me gag!! He’s NEVER going to make it in this business. He grosses people out. He is a laughing stock. His only claim to fame is Britney thought he was good in bed & was foolish enough to marry him & then dumb enough to get pregnant (TWICE) by him.

  7. I just hope she doesn’t have to do pole dancing with a snake on MTV when she is 35 to make up for all the lost $$$$.

  8. I SO wanted to hear that Lynne secretly despises that freeloading bum K-Fug, just as much or even more than everyone else does.
    I am disappointed that none of the tabloids have found an “insider” who can give us Lynne’s point of view. Janet, hint, hint!

  9. Where have I been all this time? I still don’t know who Kevin is beyond having a famous spouse. I’m amazed their realtionship has lasted this long, but then again, they keep popping out the kiddies so they must be doing something right.

  10. Britney needs to leave that piece of crap, maybe she should try to get Justin back.

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