Leave it to Kim Kardashian to hire a private eye to tail her husband Kris Humphries in hopes of gathering information to help her divorce. According to The Enquirer, weeks before the split, Kris started to notice he was being followed and at first he thought it was paparazzi, but they didn’t take photos! After awhile he realized he was being watched when Kim wasn’t around. Kim thought she’d catch him fooling around with other women but she didn’t. Kris confronted Kim and she said she was “only trying to protect herself” but this sneaky act might actually give Kris the upper hand in the divorce.



  1. She’s such a fake. Who can stand the sight of her, or watch her show, or buy the crap she’s selling. She makes me sick. Please, America, wake up and stop lining these slime-balls’ pockets with money.

  2. i can’t help but agree with natalie. can’t stand any of the kardashians and especially big assed kim.

  3. I dispise the Kardashians. What kind of a woman pushes to marry a man, marries him and then files for divorce allegedly because she said she didn’t really love him and that he didn’t worship her enough. WHAT A BITCH !

    She tries to bad mouth her dumbfounded husband so people won’t realize just how mean and cruel she really is.

    I think she did it for money and fame. In her wicked mind, she thought that people would feel sorry for her. Sympathy is not what people feel for this money hungry beast.

  4. Usually, where there’s smoke there’s fire. KH was spotted in clubs flirting with skanky women trying to get their shot at fame. If I were Kim I would have ditched his ass too. How disrespectful for a newly married man to go to clubs and sleaze around with other women, and then flaunt it for everyone to see. What Douche Bag!!

    I watched a few episodes of Keeping Up, and not one time was I convinced that KH was in love with Kim. He was a mean, loud mouthed, arrogant jerk. Now the dick signs a $150,000 endorsement deal with some watch maker. Even a half wit should be capable of figuring out who the
    opportunist is in this picture!?!

    PS Tom in advance,


  5. We all know how this is going to go, by the time Kim and family are done skewering him he will come across as more evil than Charles Manson. I’m not buying anything they come up with, and I will certainly not be watching this next season of their crap show.

  6. I never watched K.U.W.T.K. I don’t have cable and wouldn’t look at it anyway. It’s a toss-up as to who is the biggest phony. 🙁

  7. I don’t recall Humphries ever being cruel or mean. He put her in her much needed place a verbally (and not cussing or abusive) at times but she deserved it and much more for being crying and whining like a three year old. She is a money loving bitch.

    I feel sorry for Humphries. He seems to come from a decent family. I liked the way he interacted with the Kardashians. Who wants to walk on eggs around them? He wasn’t gonna suck up to them and she couldn’t stand it. Not everyone is a lump of clay like Scott.

  8. I say boycott anything Kardashian. Gee, that Muffie sounds like a real lady. lol

  9. I love the the Kardashians, they are my guilty pleasure and Rob will win DWTS.

  10. The guy was an idiot for thinking this skank would make a proper partner.
    Did he even get a chance to consumate the marriage by pissing on her?
    Disgusting fame whores.

  11. She was in a bllind item–high priced hooker, hooking with Paris, kinky twosomes. Scum, scum, scum.

  12. I read today some information leaked from “inside sources” that he treated her badly and “belittled her”. Sounds to me like the Kardashian spin machine has kicked into high gear trying to paint him as the bad guy.

  13. yes, Kim’s peeps are trying to bad mouth Kris Hump now to garner sympathy for Kim. no one is buying their scam anymore. please go away Kardashians -America is sick of you -at least the America with working brain cells!

  14. This useless woman is trying to make a situation very ugly and dramatic when it doesn’t need to be. This divorce can be quietly completed without any dramatics whatsoever. Oh wait, the drama queen herself, Kim Whoredashian is the the one filing for divorce There WILL be drama…and cameras. Coming to a VIVID video near you.

  15. Good god this woman and her fans (she thinks of you all as YEE-HAWS) are really pathetic. She didn’t love him when she married him in fact I doubt that she even liked him. What she wanted was the pay day first and foremost and attention and she got both. WhoPEE (she likes to be peed on especially from a black penis) and now that she wants out of it she is surprised and appalled that most people have caught on to her and her act. Kris was never mean, he simply stuck up for himself as Kim and her family would gang up on him about nothing. He is right, she DOES have a big butt, she is basically not talented, and she can’t act, sing, dance or play sports (her sex tape does not count as that is porn). He was right, she isn’t the brightest bulb out there (her mama is) and the FAME will fade just like it did for other non-talented fame whores. She now wants to play victim and call him MEAN, no Kim you are MEAN and you are PETTY and I bet when you walk out of a toilet it stinks too. You just don’t smell it. You and your family have made a fortune by being liars, fakes and frauds and yes it is the stupidity of those that watch you that really made is so but nonetheless I am sure YOU know too that you are a fake and phony. So shut up and pay up Kim and move on to the next victim you can find but don’t be surprised if NOT everyone wants to join the fakery with you.

  16. Hmmmm hired a PI weeks into the marraige hoping to catch him fooling around so you would have a legitimate reason to divorce him after you got paid for the wedding . But wait he wasnt cheating ! So now change of plans just have secret sources ” Mamapimp ” start a smear campaign against him and use the divorce to promote your show !! This is such Bullshit by the Kardashians . They will do ( Porn ) and say ( nicole brown ) anything to make money .. America is gonna love watching you fall !!!!!! get ready cause the kardashian brand and everything else is going DOWN !!!

  17. danny, that’s because they are scum and greedy pieces of shit. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING KARDASHIAN.

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