Jeremy Piven was among the first to arrive at the Victoria’s Secret party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and he was licking his chops in anticipation of accessible lingerie models. According to another partygoer, Piven had no entourage at all to slow down his goal of hitting on as many catwalkers as possible. Through the course of the evening Jeremy was ALL OVER the party, oozing charm and eagerly chatting up one young model after another. Piven is known for delivering pickup lines in questionable taste, but Entourage has opened a lot of doors for him. We can assume at the end of the evening he was gleefully counting the phone numbers stuffed in his pocket. An interesting note: We hear that more than one publicist has fired Jeremy because he forced them to solicit girls for him.

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9 thoughts on “SMOOTH OPERATOR

  1. yikes… that boy’s a dawg!
    Well it’s not the first time some guy adopted a page from the Warren Beatty playbook. : )
    So glad we have groovy guys like Tom Hanks and Paul Newman who love their ladies.

  2. Sounds like Jeremy needs to get tips from Bill Clinton on how to get others to solicit women for sex.

  3. I’ve seen him at a Playboy-type fashion show and he was indeed hitting on all the models – however, he does keep several hardworking call girls working regularly, so he’s not that bad of a guy.

  4. crap. Charlie Sheen on speed dial. I feel sorry for this guy’s future.

  5. He’s two years from being bald, fat and nasty. Well, the nasty part is already here.

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