We ran across this 1980’s photo of Simon Cowell with Farrah Fawcett feathered hair, flexing his biceps with his then-girlfriend, singer Sinitta. There’s no doubt that he enjoys his own masculinity, and while his hair has gotten shorter, he still has the same style and attitude. That includes his e-bike riding. He didn’t learn a lesson the first time he lost control of his electric bike on wet pavement in Malibu and broke his back 18 months ago. No helmet. To his credit he continued riding – but STILL without a helmet and just had the same accident on a slick street in London. Onlookers had to stop traffic so he wouldn’t get run over. He ended up with a bloody face, possible concussion, and a broken arm.

Bottom Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. machismo? more like stupidity and the arrogance of not wearing a helmet. The taxpayers pay for his medical needs in uk. in america if you don’t have mastercard you get no medical care

  2. Not wearing a helmet, especially after his first accident, is akin to not taking the covid vaccine. You may survive, maybe with catastrophic debilitations, or you may die. Smart money chooses the helmet and the vaccine.

  3. Maybe it’s time for him to find another form of exercise.

  4. Oh that hair! LOL

    He announced he was giving up his e-bike. Walking seems more like his speed now.

  5. He really is quite stupid for riding without a helmet after his painful nd life threatening rehabilitation previously.

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