Another day, another plane trip. Angelina Jolie arrived in LA with her four oldest kids- Pax, Maddox, Shiloh, and Zahara. Shiloh is only 9 but she’s getting very tall and after 6 years, is still dressing like a boy. No frills – suits or tracksuits. And she prefers to be called John. Whether this boyish predilection will last into her teen years remains to be seen. But she’s so darn pretty that both girls and boys are going to have crushes on her.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Leave the kid alone. She’ll decide within a few years whether she wants to be a boy or girl. She’s lucky she has understanding parents.

  2. @Peggy, ures to stupid it hurts. Understanding parents? In what universe?

  3. Gorgeous kid, no matter how she dresses. Kudos to Angie for letting her be herself.

  4. Shiloh is a mystery kid, and the only thing to do is wait and see ……she may suddenly like girly things, who knows.

    Regarding skinny Mama, geez, give her some vitamins to boost her appetite, otherwise the kids will be without a Mama. The rag mags are saying Brad is sick with worry, trying to get her to EAT. Hell with this crazy bunch, who are always always on a plane.

  5. Shiloh apparently decided on her own long time ago. As a baby for the cover of People magazine featured with her parents, she selected a plain blue outfit from a baby boys line. And when she was a young toddler selected oversized shoes, trousers, shirt, vest, long open tie almost as long as she was tall and a hat when her siblings were dressed in t-shits, shorts and sandals appropriate for the hot California weather. How amazing that she knew at such an early age what she wanted. Sure. Eye roll. And Janet no comment from you on Angelina’s bra less boobs blaring through her top? Sure it was calculated for the photographers (cheap peep show) but so tacky and trashy while with her children, especially her boys at that age.

  6. @Amy Yes, of course, because a BABY can pick the color of an outfit, and a TODDLER understands what clothing is appropriate.

    Who lets a baby or a toddler pick out their clothes for a magazine shoot, or really, just in general? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Do you have children? Are you seriously suggesting a child under age 2 would understand what they are picking out? “Oh my baby smiled when I showed her something blue, that must be the outfit! Oh, by the way, she’s only 6 months old, so she can make that decision on her own!” My God, what a f-ed up world we live in.

    If she identified more with her father (who by all accounts is the more present and stable parent in her life) she may have tried to dress like him as a young child to stand out from all the other siblings, and to bond with him. But, news flash, a child can pick out he color blue with the parents dressing in in the appropriate blue clothing.

    I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t let her be who she wants to be when she became old enough to express a desire to dress like a boy, and was capable of making that decision. But I am suggesting you’re NUTS if you think a baby or toddler is capable of understanding a choice between boy/girl clothing.

  7. Why is it even worthy of commentary when a woman goes braless? Is there some big mystery as to what’s underneath?? Back in the ’70’s almost no one ever wore bras at all! Anyone remember the TV show “Charlie’s Angels?” We’re regressing badly, as now they’re selling bras that are hard as armor and have actual “nipple buds” so that God forbid anyone ever see that women actually have nipples. How f***ing asinine!

  8. How many female celebs with their children accompanying them, or for that matter non celebs with their children, would choose to go bra less, visually obvious, in public? And with young sons at that awkward age? Well if they had any class the answer would be none. Especially this particular celeb who acts like she is the second coming of Mother Teresa/Princess Di/Audrey Hepburn all of whom had class and integrity in spades compared to this Fakerocity. Not the first time she has worn inappropriate attire for the occasion. Yet the media for some reason, Janet for example, give her a pass yet think nothing of criticizing other celebs on their attire, weight gain, perceived “problems”. Is it down to money?

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