She’s not talking, but it looks like Britney Spears revealed what sex her baby will be! Britney and her hunky driver/bodyguard/nanny popped into the upscale shop Sugar in Westlake recently. “They arrived in a white Range Rover – (isn’t that the car she gave Kevin awhile back?) Britney wore a top with many stains, and she had extensions in her dark hair. It was hot and she looked frazzled. Her “Manny” held the baby while Britney looked for loose fitting comfortable clothes for herself.” The eyewitness remarked “He seems like a lot more than just a bodyguard.” Other shoppers looked on from a polite distance. She tried on a few things and selected over a thousand dollars worth of tops and little dresses for herself. “She was very polite and nice to everyone. At one point she asked another customer “Who cut your hair?” She loved her haircut. She spotted a trendy plush baby blanket – IN PINK- admired it – and quietly added it to her purchases. The blanket was around $75 – $100. Nobody commented on the color, they just looked knowingly at each other as she left.

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21 thoughts on “SHE'S THINKING PINK

  1. she’s such white trash…is it really worth the attention

  2. A top with stains? If she has the gall to wear stained clothes out shopping, she has to bear the comments. I would say the same about myself. Why should we give her a break?

  3. The poor girl seems to be in a depression. Not caring about your appearance is one of the signs. Plus she’s PG again and has that trailer trash husband. It’s enough to make anyone open up a vein!

  4. She’s 100 months preggers and it’s friggin HOT out. Who cares if her shirt is stained. Maybe she spilled something on the way to the store. Give her a break.
    I hope she keeps Perry the manny.

  5. I’m sure this pregnancy was a mistake, so soon after the other and when she was contemplating divorce…now she has to go through with it. She’ll probably try to get back into show business when she’s back in shape — but methinks her time has past. Her family are not show biz people; she has no good advisors to listen to.

  6. I still think she’s cute!! She’s gonna have a pretty girl!! I wish her the best!

  7. her husband is trailer trash, she’s trailer trash, her sister is trailer trash, now she “has to” go through with it…please…it’s 2006 and she had more money than God….

  8. No one is forcing this bimbo to open her legs and get knocked up. She’s dumb enough to believe that kids will keep her no talent husband interested, its her $$$ that is making this marriage last this long.

  9. i believe brit just loves kids.i have a 4 month old & if i could afford it id have another one now.i dont know if shell ever return to show biz but who cares family is the most important thing. i dont like the look of kevin but i dont know him so i cant judge.the only thing i dont understand is y brit so beautiiful dresses herself down

  10. You people who are bashing an innocent child obviously don’t have any children, thank God, of your own. Go back to your lonely lives and spare everyone else your nasty comments.

  11. SP is a really cute baby. He’d make an adorable Gerber baby. Yep, she’s gonna have her hands full.

  12. Babies are a gift. Leave them out of the mud flinging. They didn’t ask to be born, so back off. If you’ve got something negative to say about Britney and Kevin, fine, but leave the kids alone.

  13. It seems that she is desperately crying for attention by having another baby so soon after the first one. Poor thing doesn’t seem to listen to any adult guidance about her looks, image or bad choices. She should do the public a favor and drop out of sight for a few years, raise her children and then contemplate a comeback, if she still wants to and anyone still wants to hear her.

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