01jtimberlake.jpgBeen wondering what’s REALLY up with Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz? Justin’s recent interview in England in which he refused to talk about Cameron and stated that he is “not ready to settle down” raised eyebrows. Last month,as we reported, Justin attempted to negotiate taking a break from his relationship with Cameron so he could have some fun on his concert tour. He approached the subject very delicately, but according to an insider, “Cameron FREAKED. She won’t let go. She had a wedding to go to in Europe and HAD to have an escort. Justin doesn’t want a nasty split – he doesn’t know what to do. He really cares for Cameron and can’t stand to hurt her, so he went along.”
“He still wants to be free for his tour but he’s like a little boy and Cameron is determined to have it HER way. She refuses to cut him loose. ” says an informed source. “Justin had really hoped to start his tour a free man with a clear conscience. If she starts paying him surprise visits on the road he won’t be happy.”
And Cameron is NOT thrilled about Justin’s opening act Nelly Furtado. Nelly is hot and Justin is fond of her. Insiders predict Justin and Cameron’s relationship will finally self-destruct while he’s on tour.

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  2. I have no idea why he got involved with her in the first place. She’s hideous! Take off the make up and she looks like Scarecrow in the last Batman movie

  3. A body language expert could have a field day with this photo.
    She is hanging on he is pulling away..

  4. As I recall, you did not earlier report that Justin was trying to negotiate a break….you reported that they BROKE UP. How soon you forget…

  5. The official split will happen by Thanksgiving, at the latest.

  6. First of all, it is not “sew” his wild oats; it is “sow his wild oats.” Learn to spell correctly and proper grammatical usage and people will take you more seriously.
    Second of all, about the comment that “she has a rock hard body.” Her face is hideously ugly, she is completely flat-chested, and she looks like a very tall, scrawny 13-year-old boy. Please can someone tell me what about that is attractive when it is on an adult woman?
    Personally, I don’t like Cameron or Justin and I don’t understand what people see in them.

  7. I think Cameron is gorgeous but Justin looks like a dork.

  8. I agree with you 5:42. Cameron was as cute as a button in My Best Friend’s Wedding! JT is a butterface. Sorry. Dude’s too young and not hot enough for her. She can do better.

  9. ‘member the Punk’d episode? Who was the first person Justin boy called? His Mommy, that’s right. So what role does Diaz play in his life? Probably one similiar to his Mom.
    Otis Rail

  10. They are still together, just saw them a few nights ago and he was all over her.

  11. Yep, Janet is always the first to start rumors on these two.
    These are two of the ugliest people in the Celebrity world……..Wonder what their kids would look like?

  12. The ugly one is you EEWWeee.
    What a fag you are!
    Get a life …
    Like u said
    Just 4 u

  13. Sue, get a life yourself..are you twelve? People come into here to post their thoughts…yours is way to childish..GO AWAY AND PLAY WITH YOUR DOLLS!

  14. Omg, You guys really need to check, it’s an awesome site and some of the ppl up ther have seen JT and cam sightings, and let me tell you they are REAL!! And futhermore, Justin still loves britney, we ALL know it even if we don’t want to admit it!

  15. I agree Justin wants Britney sooo bad, my mom is a relationship coach and even she said that he was in love with britney still, and vice-versa!

  16. I don’t like Justin and Cam together. Cameron seems very controlling and he was much better with Britney. I hope Justin will break It off with Cam.

  17. Britney and justin would have been a much better couple .. sob sob*, oh well, i just came across this real cool site a couple of days ago and i thought i’d share it with you all check it out! enjoy!!

  18. If he initiated a breakup and she wouldn’t let go and followed him to Europe, since she had a wedding to go to anyway, and since his manager, who never speaks on behalf of his public life, offered a reassurance they’re still together, I’d say Justin and Cam are over, and Janet’s right. Damage control. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Case in point, Nick & Jessica.

  19. Janet’s got it. It’s Doomesville, send back the wedding gifts….

  20. yeah! my bad. That thing just stuck, stuck, stuck.
    Stuck, I tell ya. Peanut butter at the keyboard… does it every time.

  21. backpeddling backpeddling thats all this story is!

  22. Ewwww, why is he with her, I don’t care, Trailer britney Is soo much better, who would have thought JT and Cam would get together!

  23. Justin has no shot with Nelly Furtado — didn’t she just have a baby? Nelly should not be opening for Justin – it should be the other way around. She’s hot now, he’s not.

  24. omg her name is smelly diaz .. i saw her & justin here in brisbane (Australia) & she makes u wanna vomit she stinks so bad & he just look down right ugly up close… people call Britney & Kevin trash but at least u can look @ them up close

  25. They’re both butt ugly and deserve each other. And a photo speaks a thousand words…they’ll break up.

  26. I don’t get why Cameron, who is beautiful and NICE, would want to be with JT? His last movie went straight to video!
    When JT doesn’t have close cropped hair he has a fro, and it doesn’t look good on him.
    At least if they had kids, maybe Cameron’s genetics would soften the fro hair.

  27. Grosss, Cameron Smells? Justin wake the hell up!!!

  28. That’s a sweet reason for Justin staying with Cameron because he feels for her — but I think the real reason is that she would spill the beans in the press. He should get back together with Britney. According to news articles she is pretty interested in his interview in GQ where he said he loved her the first moment he saw her.

  29. Awwww, gosh, I would love for them to have some like passionate reunion!!! Okay, what can I say i’m a romantic!! J and brit would have Beautiful kids!! She already has that cutie, Sean P, and another one on the way, thrid times the charm!!

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