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Her 27 year old boyfriend, model Martin Mica, has added a spark to Sharon Stone’s happy appearance. He’s in New York with her while she films “Fading Gigolo” with Woody Allen and John Turturro. The movie is written and directed by Turturro, who plays an aging male prostitute with Woody as his pimp. Sharon plays a busy dermatologist who hires Turturro for sex, if you can imagine THAT. Life is good for Sharon – she has four movies coming out next year. (Above, Sharon is accompanied to the set)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. believe it or not: HO, too, IS CARRYING A WINCHESTER.22 ON HIS BACK!!

    buffalo bill?

  2. She has always been the happiest when she has a boytoy; she is a domineering type.

  3. She doesn’t even look like Sharon Stone. She looks good but she has lost her special unique look. She just looks like the generic aging Hollywood actress now.

  4. Give the woman a break! She looks great, and she’s got tons of star quality. Yeah, yeah, she’s legendarily difficult, but so what. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  5. Only a jewish man or an jewish ladies would pay to have sex with turtorror. He is ugly with bad teeth. Woody allen the pimp? As if he didnt pimp out the asian girl to other directors to have a good time. The whole story sounds disgusting. the boy from two & half men said tv is right about the hollywood industry.

  6. The narcissism epidemic.
    Zack J. Bailey is the perfect example of it.
    Watch, Listend & Learn.

  7. I have no mate
    watch what happens
    when I pop up with one

  8. I don’t tell you anything anymore.
    I’m a slut
    I’m fucking every bitch your serving.
    -How does that feel?
    #Yess 🙂

  9. That’s not strom, in his defense (egads) at least he’s literate.

    The subject matter of this movie is comically disgusting. John Turturro as a prostitute, aging or otherwise? Good grief.

  10. Get back to Sharon Stone. She needs all the press and attention she can get.(even here) 🙂

  11. She was awesome in Basic Instinct and nominated for an Academy Award in Hollywood, no doubt she is a great entertainer and hope she will do her best in her upcoming movies.

  12. I’m with Dylan–she’s had some great movies. Casino, anyone? Awesome. She’s also made some bad choices. Yes, she’s controversial. So what? She’s a movie star.

  13. like FUN her boyfriend is 27. if that’s 27, then *I’m* 27, too.

    p.s. but I’m not.

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