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Sharon Osbourne is NOT going to be happy when she sees THIS! This sweet picture of young Sharon and Ozzy was taken “sometime in the 90’s,” according to our friends at The WOW Report. Clearly, it is before Sharon and Ozzy perfected their glossy TV style and moved to Beverly Hills. Odd- there’s not a single dog in sight. On the upside, Sharon looked older than Ozzy back then and she looks younger than him now!

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  1. he was a nice looking man when he was younger…now you wonder if he is retarded.

  2. Looks like his mother. Looks like she’s ready to drop a vag litter from her Lady Hamper.

  3. @Noblecascade, Ozzy’s just “burnt” from his past drug use. I still love him, he seems such a sweet soul.

    And Sharon has been upfront about her weight issues and lipsuction. I also wish I knew what she uses on her face because she literally glows on AGT.

  4. That poor little love seat looks like it’s really groaning under the load it’s got. The cushions are practically on the floor!

  5. @Miss Eva
    hahah I hate to say it but I agree. It is all I see O.O Sharon’s side of the loveseat is broken down to the floor. I was posting only to mention that point and realized U noticed the same thing. The good thing for Sharon is, times have changed… history is just that.

  6. We have all seen the heavy picture of her, she fully admits it. I think she’s a shrewd businesswoman, and not many would have stayed with that drug addict odd husband of hers. She also seems like a very caring mother.

  7. She just looks like a mom to me. I am glad that she has lost the weight and is healthier now. She was pretty back then too. : )

  8. Ha they are arrogant WHITES and doubts that they have a spare 100k around so the money is as likely to be paid as a WHITE is to leave a waitress a tip, Nada!
    Nothing is as arrogant as a self important WHITES and They show why. Good thing the photo was from the front because their cabooses are as wide or wider than even Ricky Lakes’s! And even whiter!

  9. This pic looks like it’s from the Randy Rhoads era circa 1980.
    I saw him doing his Crazy Train tour at this time and he was completely brain dead in tights on stage. But his voice was great and the band was hot. Shame about Rhoads.

  10. ewww …. creepy. and those vacuous kids, what you’d call a shallow gene pool

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