Is Kate Hudson having a Meg Ryan experience? Kate was conspicuously absent from the London premier of You, Me, and Dupree. Since she rarely misses a chance to promote her films, her absence got everybody wondering if she was reluctant to be photographed with her costar Owen Wilson. Rumors have been circulating that Owen was the reason she split with her husband, so it’s an awkward situation. She chose to stay home and spend time with her son Ryder and estranged husband Chris Robinson. Maybe she’s starting to realize that her adorable leading man isn’t great boyfriend material – just as Meg Ryan changed her mind about romancing the leading man who broke up her marriage, Russell Crowe. It’s never too late to change one’s mind.

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14 thoughts on “SECOND THOUGHTS?

  1. last.
    Crowe didn’t break up the Ryan/ Quaid marriage- she did.
    When she (blank) Crowe’s (blank), she broke up her marriage.

  2. I’ve been reading that they had numerous problems in the marriage lately, not all of them started by Kate.

  3. Crowe didn’t break up her marriage. Dennis did by sleeping with movieextras repeatedly.

  4. I heard that Chris Robinson is the one who wanted the separation, not Kate…

  5. the NY Post is reporting a “recent split” due to his recurring drug problem (and saying the “she is not a saint in that area either). Could it be Kate and Chris? his drug problems were very well documented before he married.

  6. I don’t know but I heard from someone in his band she had a lot to do with the Black Crowes breaking up earlier (Chris & his brother) in band don’t get along and she thought he’d be better off with a single career. The Black Crowes are back together and now Kate and Chris aren’t.

  7. They are both losers and Kate needs to cut her son’s hair.

  8. I’m really more interested in the Bruce Springsteen Patti Scialfa split than this….it was in The Post today. He’s seeing another redhead he met while organizing the 9/11 Concert and supposedly sleeping at a guest host 20 mins. down the road from his main house.

  9. That was a NY Daily News item about the drug-related split, not the NY Post….They’re VERY sensitive about the difference

  10. Kate and Owen never had an affair, they just hung out and partied…Nothing more..

  11. Kate needs a boob job and Owen needs..very definately, a NOSE JOB and they both deserve each other as they are gross, nausous and boring!!!

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