Scarlett Johansson has learned the hard way that being married to The Sexiest Man Alive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (Jennifer Aniston can vouch for this fact also.) Scarlett and her husband of barely two years, Ryan Reynolds, have split only a month after Ryan was anointed by People magazine. The actors claim the bustup is due to the fact that they never saw each other because they were always working. (In fact, it IS difficult to find a recent photo of them together.) Didn’t they think about this job situation before they walked down the aisle?


  1. Kind of sad that all of these marriages are falling apart at this time of the year but clearly having the right to marry legally is no guarantee of longevity. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds made a nice couple in “The Proposal.” Maybe they’ll do a sequel and real love will kick in!

  2. Typical Hollywood and their idea of marriage. Work like dogs and never stay in the same house more than one night a week and say we grew apart.

  3. How many millions of dollars does anybody NEED? That they BOTH have millions but couldn’t put together enough time to keep hot for eachother is pretty lame. In the long run, you can’t make love to money, or be soothed by it, or have a brilliant conversation with it. It’s only paper and things.

    I wonder how the marraiges of the older stars lasted so long? People like Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Don Rickles, Jay Leno for today’s star has been faithful and madly in love with his wife forever. Obviously it CAN be done.

    Just slapping “Hollywood Marraige” on it and walking away is a cop-out. If they make no effort, try harder at the parts they play, why be surprised when the thing dies?

  4. And when they are together, they both spend lots of time looking in the mirror saying ‘hello gorgeous’. I can’t stand SJ; she looks like she would be a super-bitch, and Ryan is an icon for the gay community.

  5. Indy, actually Scarlett is very intelligent and has a great sense of humor. I’ve seen her many many times do interviews and she’s always been quick-witted, charming, funny and endearing. Completely normal and reacts to others as tho she doesn’t already know she is beautiful. She was great on SNL as well. I’m all for sticking pins in those who deserve it but just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she’s automatically an awful woman. For instance, compare her to Angelina Jolie, another strikingly beautiful woman. But have we heard ANY weird stuff about SJ? No. AJ on the other hand has a long laundry list of beyond bizarre, sickening, behavior, and self-centeredness. Maybe think it over a bit.
    And Ryan can’t help it if gay guys find him attractive, can he? Are you holding THAT against the guy too? Where did you religion go?

  6. JANET, Please put something up for Kelly Ripa. I have tons to say. Thanks.

  7. I liked them as a couple. They seemed suited to each other. Perhaps it was more a publicity arrangement that ran it’s course.

    Both stunningly attractive, they would have had some made-for-Hollywood-paparazzi-chasing kids.

  8. Reta, I have to admit I have not seen or heard an interview with Scar, so I may have gotten the wrong vibes about her.

    And what you said about ‘how much money do they need’….It always happens when they make a lot of money, it is never ever enough; thus they are mostly always apart making a movie, thus the divorce. Happens a lot, and usually to the beautiful/handsome.

  9. why do they even bother to get married, when you put yourself first and the other person does too, the relationship has no chance

  10. HaHaHa! Alanis must be laughing her ass off. Though how SHE ever ended up engaged to the airhead Ryan is beyond me.

  11. Two words: HUMOR and LAUGHTER. They should lighten up and laugh at themselves, the world, and life in general. Divorce stats, esp. among celebs would go down.

    Much like the humor (among the differences) of those on Janet’s site. Capiche?

  12. It wasn’t always so. These have been MANY long, successful Hollywood marraiges; some, the people are both dead, some have lost their mates, some are both still living and happily married and supportive of each other. Just as anything worth doing or having, a marraige takes effort on BOTH parties parts. The people in very long term relationships, marraiges or friendships, can attest to the fact that the efforts are worth it.

    Nothing feels better than getting love back from the person you give love to.

  13. Most modern celebs are idiot narcissists. The difference between them and the stars of old is that, back in the day stars were nurtured and tutored in various ways by and within the movie studio. As evil as some of the old Hollywood moguls were, they understood that they needed to make significant and meaningful investments in their stars. These days movie studios, and the system generally, just want to make as much money as fast as possible. They are like pimps, and the actors are like dirty stupid little whores.

  14. Well, let’s just start by clarifying RR is NOT a sexiest man alive, period! Not a chance. Those results as as stupid as the voters so there you go! Remember Christian Slater was chosen the SMA one year??? Ridiculous! This is how idiotic those voters are. RR and Fergie’s dude both strike me as mildly slow in the head department.

  15. I think Sebastian and I have would have amazing paparazzi-chasing kids! And we’d ask Janet Charlton to be their godmother and Strom (where is good ol’ racist Strom these days?) to be their godfather.

  16. What a good thread!

    Meg, totally agree.

    Jerry D, LOL!!! If that comment does not bring Strom out of the woodwork, nothing will.

    Patrick, you know this is NOT Middle Earth, right?

  17. I think ScarJo is jealous because Ryan’s celebrity status is surpassing hers. He is soon on his way to becoming an A-lister.

    Too much attention as well. Scarlet likes to be low key. In my opinion, Ryan is not even close to being the SMA.

  18. They are both normal for their ages and the business they are in. Too young for marriage. Scarlett may be like a Julia Roberts–lots of romances and short-lived marriages until she decides she wants a family.

  19. They will both go through many more marriages, but the career comes first even over the kids and that’s Hollyweird real problem. It’s not a job it’s a way of life.

  20. Scarlett, I would not want to be hitched to him either. He looks sissified.

  21. Too young for marriage? 26 and 34? most people are married by then and in case way before then

  22. Their separation surprised me a bit. I was hoping these two would be able to have a long happy marriage. So very sad.

    On the other hand, Bob Hope was NOT a faithful husband and had countless little chickies all over Hollywood.

  23. He is extemely attractive. Johansson must be insane to turn this one loose!

  24. I heard that about Bob Hope too. A friend, much older than me, used to work in the telephone company in Boston when she was young, at a time when you actually had to talk to a human to get an outside line, and she told me when Bob Hope was in town they used to listen to him sweet talk him ahem “chickies”. After hearing that I felt bad for Dolores and wanted to wrap one of his golf clubs around his neck.

  25. Whatever happened to trying to make a marriage work? When they were signing contracts to make movies, did they not look at where they were going to be filmed, for how long and when??? Gosh, sounds like someone doesn’t know how to schedule. I’m old fashioned but I think you should try to be in the general vicinity of your spouse the majority of the time.

  26. Denise, that is so funny.

    People like to think the good old days were different, but the only thing different was that people knew how to hush things up.

    Many of those wonderful ladies and gentlemen of old Hollywood — and not just the sex-bombs and studs, but the charmers we now regard the way we would a sweet old great-uncle or auntie– had yo-yo underpants perpetually sore genitals, and the phone numbers of several abortion doctors in the back of their address books.

  27. Reta…I totally agree with you …how much do these greedy overpaid morons need? Im getting so sick of celebs, especially in the environment we live it today…I only come to these sites to see them torn down … pretty sad, but its true…I said it! ha!

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