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We were completely taken aback by the fact that the guy who hacked into Scarlett Johansson’s email account (along with 50 other celebrities and ordinary people) and distributed their nude photos on the internet, was sentenced to TEN YEARS in prison by a Florida judge. Are we the only ones who feel this isn’t exactly the crime of the century? The hacker, Christopher Chaney, was described as having a “callous disregard” for his victims. But he never stole anything or physically injured anyone. Frankly, we’d rather see the lawmen who solved this crime spend their time chasing rapists and murderers. Poor little Scarlett, indeed.

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  1. From TMZ “36-year-old Christopher Chaney pled guilty to 9 felony counts back in March — including identity theft, wiretapping, and unauthorized access and damage to a protected computer — after hacking into the celebrity email accounts … and dozens of others.”

    From NBC news: “Prosecutors said Chaney also stalked two unnamed Florida women online, one since 1999 when she was 13 years old.”

    Doesn’t sound harmless to me.

  2. I read in one of the rag mags that Scar-Jo is crying a lot these days because she now feels that she ended the marriage with Ryan Reynolds too soon instead of trying to work things out. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but remember she dated the hideous Sean Penn, and that’s pretty desperate. Scar is the kind that needs a man always, so perhaps she should have tried harder with Ryan, but in GollyWeird, one never knows the real story.

  3. I’m with you Miz Busybody. Also, we spend so much time teaching our children that online bullying is a serious crime that often has fatal consequences. We can’t undo all that preaching by treating the same behaviour from an adult as a minor infraction. Just because there are more serious crimes does not mean that we shouldn’t address this one.

  4. While these crimes were despicable the sentence shows a lack of balance. Chaney did plead guilty. People who commit manslaughter probably get similar sentences.

  5. buncha hyoocrytes!!
    the only one who is laughing now is scarlett.

    they must release the guy & scarlett must even pay the man!!

  6. The guy who killed author Dominick Dunne’s daughter got 2 years and was released. This is an outrageous sentence for something that was just not that bad. Yes, the guy should do some time, but it just shows how unbalanced our justice system is. One day everyone should stand up and tell the courts we aren’t taking this anymore. At the most, this guy should have been sentenced to 1-2 years or probation.

  7. This guy was awful he cyber stalked the two Florida women. The guy hacked into their computer and sent nude pics to their fathers and brothers. These women were terrorized by this gross man.

  8. Omg invading and hacking someone’s personal accounts and putting that info on the internet is abhorent, dangerous and WRONG. He deserves that sentence. He should not have done it in the first place. Janet you of all people should understand just how invasive and wrong that is.

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