ryancut.jpg,Will Ryan Philippe turn into a party animal? He’s gradually working his way back into the Hollywood club scene, and while he tries to keep a low profile, it’s evident he hasn’t forgotten how to flirt with pretty women. He was really in the mood for female companionship the other night at Teddy’s. He and Jesse Bradford were together and they were calling women over to their table all night. There were lots of numbers exchanged and at the end of the evening they took off for an after-party at Jesse’s house. Ryan walked out with THREE blondes described as “Jaime Presley types.”

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  1. uh yes, jaime pressley types are a 1.99 a dozen, very common.
    thisclose to being white trash.

  2. Ryan Philippe learning to party again…isn’t that how he became

  3. he is so hot, he was clearly the cute one in the relationship. dump that plastic jaw face reese, she looks like a bitter woman.

  4. Goddamn, that boy is still hot as hell. One of the most beautiful guys I’ve ever seen.

  5. What do you mean…”he forgot how to party” He only f***ed half of Vacouver when he was up in Canada. Thank god Reese moved on…he is such a tweenie!

  6. someone please explain the sweatband on the arm phenomenon?

  7. Damn! This boy is hot! He’s got to be the sexiest, hottest and cutest man alive. I wonder what he’s packing? Uuuuuummmmmm! He could hit this anyday! I’m on fire! Hurry! Somebody Please Call the fire truck! ……

  8. Looks ain’t everything!!! A classy, academy award winning actress wasn’t good enough for him. You need to party and get some tail? Go ahead, Ryan, Paris, Lindsay and I are out here waiting for you!!

  9. This fool is a real idiot- look at how he is dressed! All tough, out on the street like he could do somethin’ if someone attempted to mug him…whatever….he is a creep and continues to disgrace himself, especially dressing like this. WTF, is he hardcore now? Right…..

  10. What a jerk! He’s dressed like some high school sophomore in Compton. I’ll bet Reese does soooooo much better the second time around.
    Ryan, nobody wants to see your underwear hanging out of your baggy pants. And that hat looks plain stupid!
    Grow up and look like a man – you’re a parent of two kids, you moron.

  11. Phew, that man is fine! None of you know what went on in his marital relationship and even if you did mind your damned business and stop hating. Ryan ring me up when you come out East.

  12. He is so hot. That marriage was a mistake waiting to be rectified for years. He seems really dedicated to his kids. That’s what matters people are so friggin judgmental.

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