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Russell Brand, it seems, cannot get through a day without propositioning just about every single attractive woman he comes across. He must have dated half his yoga class already, meaning he’ll have to move on to another yoga studio. This cute ponytailed girl was minding her own business walking down the street when Russell stopped her and introduced himself. He chatted her up and before they went their separate ways, they had exchanged numbers. We can’t help but wonder if she’s attracted to him or just being polite. She seems so fresh and perky and he looks a bit debauched. Do you suppose she’s interested?
Photos via: The Sun



  1. seen his sandals?
    splendid for a woman but for his f*ggot behaviour:

    …….JUST BREAK HIS LEGS, folks!!

  2. Come on, it’s Hollyweird. There are tens of thousands of fresh-and-perkys in SoCal who will sell themselves to a “star,” no matter what he looks like.

  3. I suppose he enters their phone number in the calendar. How could he possibly remember which one to call on the weekend? (i.e. 8-10Lorena Bobbitt)

  4. The combination of his knock-knees and those gross, ill-fitting gladiator sandals is ludicrous.

  5. Russell Brand is a single man… I just don’t understand why tabloids try to make him the “bad guy”… these single women that date him know his reputation as a womanizer. I like him more than Katy Perry. He didn’t say anything bad about her during their divorce, he kept out of the tabloids during that stressful time (Ms Perry didn’t, she was with a new guy every time I turned around), and he didn’t want one single penny from her in their divorce settlement… yet people try to make him out to be the bad guy. Nothing bad about him, I think he’s awesome!

  6. Kait hit it. Air head girls who think there is really something there when all Russ wants is some head!

  7. I would feel like I’d have to be fumigated if I came withing 5 feet of this dirty, disgusting knuckle-dragger!

  8. I would suggest that he ditch the frilly shoes, shave the beard, burn those ill fitting pants and get a hair cut.

  9. Kitty and walt: Same sentiments exactly. He needs some kind of help.

  10. @Walt, I would agree but why would he when he can still get young, hot girls to give him their number? If you can get what you want and put the least amount of effort into it, why not? The girls are stupid beyond stupid.

  11. Fabu’s right. He’s a single man, and all of the women he hooks up with know what his MO is. As far as people who don’t like his look… seems to be working just fine for him. He might not be your (or my) type, but “cute ponytailed girl” looks like she thinks it’s her lucky day.

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