Katy Perry once compared her husband Russell Brand to the serial killer Charles Manson, so we’re not the only ones who see a resemblance. The beard and hair and crazy eyes make us think Russell might be preparing to play Manson in a movie. Somehow the whole meditation and yoga thing fits in with Manson too. And Brand does have a way of mesmerizing young women. Manson was recently denied parole for the twelfth time.



  1. compare the look in their eyes.
    ……….first “talking” people into a particulair direction he wants them to go.

    after that he will “Kill” them.

    (so he is really posessed by demon’s)

  2. I’ve always been creeped out by Russell Brand. Now I know why-he looks just like Manson, who I’ve known about since the Sharon Tate murders. I remember that summer very well, and the horror that California and the whole country felt. I read Helter Skelter when Vincent Bugliosi wrote it and it was absolutely chilling. Btw, I’ve seen the picture of their house on the internet and of the new mansion that was built on that site after the old one was torn down.

    Btw, Ghost Hunter’s did a show on the ghosts near the old house. A neighbor claimed a ghost was haunting his house, possibly Sharon’s. It was very interesting to see the area after all this time.

  3. I’ve read that Charles Manson doesn’t want to be paroled. He’s afraid to be, and thinks he can’t live among decent people, and he’s right. He’s been locked up for so many decades, he’d lose his mind if he saw all the technology that has been invented since he last saw the outside of prison. Let him rot in whatever prison he’s in.

  4. This guy is a creep. No talent. Can’t watch even a bit of his movies. It’s amazing that anyone bankrolls him. As far a s Manson goes,have you seen a recent photo of him? He looks like a dried up old man. He couldn’t function outside of prison.

  5. If Katy Perry revealed what happened in the approx year she was hitched to devil-eyes, it would probably curl our hair. Then what does she do but start dating slime-ball John Mayer, who is maybe one step up from Russell. Has she lost her mind?

    Mansion should have gotten the electric chair at least 30 years ago.

  6. @Christina India – looks like he already got the electric chair, how do you explain those crazy eyes?

    He is one scary character who should remain behind bars, we already have enough nuts rolling around.

  7. Shelby is right. In fact, when Manson was getting ready to be released from Terminal Island prison (1967 or ’68), he BEGGED prison officials to let him stay. He told them he didn’t know how to function in a world where he could make his own rules. Sadly, officials had to deny his request, and we all know what happened after that.

  8. To compare him to Manson is an insult. And all the comments must have been made by some beautiful, talented people. How many movies, books and tv shows do you all have between ya’ll??
    Katy has made a ridiculous comparison. Last time I checked, Russell hasn’t killed anyone. His works of charity are to be admired after all his been through in his life, and he asks nothing in return. Is this site owned by Ms. Perry? John Mayer…really Katy? Now that’s a crazy one!

  9. The reason I think Katy Perry is nuts for marrying him is that he openly and many times bragged that he has bedded 100s and 100s of women. After all this activity, I hope he got checked for disease before marrying Katy. If Katy caught something gross from him, maybe she passed it on to another whore-chaser, who we all know as John Mayer.

  10. Brand is a disgusting creature, the eyes won’t lie, if they have the same’look’ he’s thinking the ‘same’ things.

  11. Katy perry is just a hopeful firestarter dragging dinlo’s along hoping to get them all worked up for sex or more. Nutter!

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