It was SO nice to see Rumer Willis win first place on Dancing with the Stars. This girl has been tortured by online haters more than any celebrity’s kid or actress we know. For some reason haters decided she wasn’t pretty enough to be Demi Moore’s daughter and they relentlessly bullied and insulted her. She admits it was terribly upsetting and almost ruined her life. Last night she got her life back. She IS a winner, after all!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. She earned it. She was a fabulous dancer and a complete pleasure to watch.

  2. What people don’t know about her, is that she is a very good actress. Not just OK, but really good! I’m very happy for her.

  3. The mother didn’t put forth effort to help her girls follow their dream and have any talents to support them in life whatsoever, they partied and got into trouble while she chased men and stayed High.. don’t blame the public..

  4. i agree Janet, Rumer has shown you can overcome bullying. She is stunning though and oozing with talent.

  5. This poor girl needs to get a college education…it is embarrassing and humiliating to see this…may the Good Lord help her.

  6. she was in ncredible AND actually she is an attractive young lady, her body is killer gorgeous and she resembles her Mom quite a bit. It looks like maybe she had some chin work done but who hasn’t now a days!

  7. Demi is short in the looks department as well, so it’s no surprise.

  8. I have a daughter Rumer’s age and I know how fragile they can be as they make their way in the world. What Rumor had to endure from online bullies was so contemptible. She was a fantastic dancer on DWTS and proved herself to be a poised young woman. I hope she continues to succeed. I’m thinking Broadway!

  9. And it starts when parents give kids oddball names like Rumer, and Blanket, and so many others!

  10. Not that it’s right, but do you have any idea how many people are bullied daily in this country? This girl has every advantage – money, famous parents, a direct line into Hollywood jobs, plastic surgery, etc etc etc. How am I supposed to feel sorry for her? Yes, of course bullying is wrong, and I’m not at all endorsing that. But I’d rather be a rich, well-connected, entitled, bullied person with options rather than a poor, gay, minority bullied person who has no options.

  11. Her mother, Demi has had multiple cosmetic surgeries in order to advance and maintain her entertainment career.

    haters or no haters, Rumer should consider doing the same.

  12. Girl can dance no doubt about it but would she have been asked if she wasn’t the spawn of the rich and famous? Again a very talented dancer. Not so interested to see her on TV or the film world. Dance instructor on this show? Definitely her niche.

  13. Congratulations to Rumer & Val. She won this contest 100% and I looked forward to watching them. I agree that she had some work done on her chin and looks nicer & so what? Its nothing exagerated. She is talented and I was so happy to see her get her high scores and then win. Rumor and Val worked hard to win and they did. They EARNED it.

  14. As far as getting her college education, she went to USC one semester and then dropped out. Maybe she’ll go back one day. I hope she does.

  15. Wow. Is that a giant case of ringworm on her upper arm?

  16. so keep smiling now, americans prefer this…………..

  17. Women w/ tat’s like this just make themselves ugly. Nothing looks worse on a woman.

  18. Boo hoo hoo. I do feel sorry for these girls that they had two selfish parents. Bruce couldn’t wait to find a younger woman, make more babies and leave them. Demi dates junior high school aged boys and is consumed by being thin and her looks. Other than that, these girls have more wealth than most of us will ever have, I’m sure they will be fine.

  19. Natalie her bullying was on par with her riches. She was/is continually put an adverse display for the world to see. Not just in a community setting. Walk a mile in her shoes before you assume.

  20. Strom hasn’t been relevant since 1984.

  21. Give me a break. The fact, not assumption, is this poor little rich girl has every advantage.

  22. Is that my Dx? Schizophrenia? Thanks, I needed that.
    Gemma St. Ivens
    Gemma St. Onge
    Lots of gemmas running around loose.

  23. Poor, talentless little imposter…so envious of Strom!

  24. After fending off talentless imposters I think I’ll sit down and write another bestseller.

  25. oh Strom, you’re a riot ( psst ..I know you’re a lesbian )

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