Roman Polanski may be 83, but that doesn’t stop him from sunbathing at the Eden Roc Hotel in Cannes in his underwear. The Film Festival is as close as Polanski can get to Hollywood – he’s been unable to return to the US since he was arrested for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl in 1977. (And he’s NOT happy about it.) At that time he fled to France to avoid prison time but he had no idea he’s never be able to return because he figured, as a successful filmmaker, he was above the law. He still avoids countries likely to extradite him to the US. No great loss for us – his best work was Rosemary’s Baby in 1968.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. You have tastefully avoided any shots which include his skid-mark(s)–and for that, your public thanks you.

    That said, Polanski should have been warming a prison cell decades ago. 🙁

    It’s bizarre that talented–albeit moronic–sycophants such as Emma Thompson continue to defend him.

  2. I make it a point NOT to see his movies. If he can’t come back to the U.S. his work shouldn’t be shown here either. We are helping to support him.

  3. this man is son of mass murderer of millions genrikh yagoda and hes living across from an orphanage/hotel in gstaadt switzerl and I GUESS YOU ALL THINKS ITS WONDERFUL THAT A PAEDORAPIST GETS TO IVE ACROSS FROM AN ORPHANAGE/HOTEL THAT HE IS RUNNING!? he is also writing books under the name Thomas Pynchon about raping and pimping children in tunnels in switzerland…everyone stay asleep thanks to lying ‘jew’ media…

  4. and chinatown is about his own father genrikh yagoda who was writing under the name B.Traven finding his own daughters to impregnate…people should be watching out for polanski doing this to his own daughter..and the ORPAHANGE ACROSS THE STREET WHERE THERE ARE LITTLE GIRLS ALL DOLLED UP look up fereinhaus alpfenblick gstaadt switzerland..

  5. Oh Christ Janet! Are you trying to kill me? I did not need to see this hideous man in his tighty whities. Good grief!

  6. @Scooby – LOL!!!!

    The skids marks would be in his toilet.

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