rodpennycut.jpgWe couldn’t help but wonder why Rod Stewart’s son Sean was NOT present when Rod married Penny Lancaster last weekend at that 17th century villa on the Italian Riviera. After all, Sean’s sister Kimberly was there. We found out that bad-boy Sean was NOT invited. Rod was not happy about Sean’s latest brick throwing dust-up and resulting lawsuit. He wouldn’t even buy Sean a COACH ticket. But insiders say Rod spoils his “little princess” Kim. Kimberly can do no wrong in her daddy’s eyes and he gives her anything she wants.

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  1. From the comments Sean has made on his reality show about his relationship with his father, maybe he acts the way he does for attention. Between being a rock star, screwing, marrying, making other kids with supermodels I wonder how much time Rod had left over to be a dad??? Money can’t solve everything.

  2. Kids need unconditional love from their parents. Shame on Rod.

  3. More spoiled rotten kids with no purpose in life other than to party and have their picture taken.

  4. Agree, Rod should’ve used condoms more regularly, he’s got like 8 kids and how can you possibly maintain a career like his and be a good dad to one child, let alone 8. He’s a wanker, but I like his 70s & 80s recordings.

  5. Everyone keeps saying kids. They are adults and should be standing on their own two feet anyway.

  6. Rod never gave Sean the time of the day when he was young…George Hamilton was the only male figuure in his younger years,and that is’nt saying much!

  7. Don’t be ragging on Georgie..He was hitched to that Alana for a few years and has the “person of interest in the death of that young woman in Dec.04” as a son.He was nice to “LIL BRICKY” too…

  8. Why do the rich and famous think they’re doing their kids any favors by supporting them for life? Send them to school, cut them off, and let them learn to support themselves. Daddy won’t be around forever, but I guess his money will. Lousy parents result in worthless kids (or adults, as the case may be).

  9. one of his sons, i think its sean got a dui and was in a nasty accident while driving in malibu. he also has had problems with drugs. how many more kids does rod need? he is in his late 60s and has a baby.
    im sure that between the multiple baby mammas and his kids there is a lot of drama.

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