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We always felt bad for Robin Wright when she was married to Sean Penn because he made her and their kids live in northern California while he caroused in Los Angeles. He tried to make himself look like a hero by claiming his family “wasn’t safe” living in LA. Ridiculous. Robin had a difficult time maintaining her career at that time, but she was always supportive of Sean’s. So we are really happy to hear that Robin, 46, and her young boyfriend Ben Foster, 32, who resembles Penn in both looks and acting technique, but hopefully not in personality, are still together after more than a year and she seems quite happy. They met in 2011 while filming “Rampart.” Recently, temperamental Sean has been whining that he “never felt loved” – maybe because he’s never been very lovable. (Don’t forget he once tied up his then- wife Madonna on Thanksgiving and threatened to stick her head in the oven.)

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  1. Actually, there is a difference between Penn and this guy. Talent. Penn is a two time Academy Award winner and this guy will never have to practice an acceptance speech. He single handily ruined the remake of “3:10 to Yuma” among others on his resume.

  2. Oh please, he was great in 3:10. It gave it a nice twist. Plus, guilty pleasure. So ashamed but can’t help how I feel. Good luck to both of them. She put up with Sean for way too long.

  3. love robin
    great actress
    she’s so lovely was amazing
    most of her stuff is….

  4. Glad she moved on from constantly cheating Sean Penn. Janet, as a gossip maven you must have read the story (online) about the legitimate masseuse that Penn and another jerk kidnapped and imprisoned & threatened her with violence if she didn’t perform sex acts with both of them, right?

    RW is probably not a great actress but she’s amazing in Princess Bride.

  5. I’ll give your site some attention for two seconds. Lets clear it up so everyone kinda gets the bigger picture.

    Reread what you have to on Sean Penn and Robin Wright but they fought like hell then always made up. She chose to purchase a property in North Carolina while he was filming Dead Man Walking, he didn’t go back and forth to L.A because by that time he moved the family to Malibu after someone tried to car jack Robin in the driveway.

    He threatened to cut Madonna’s hair off and tied her to a chair after she spent MONTHS spending the night at Warren Beaty’s house ( and yes sean followed her but how many of us have done that with an ex). Noted: She dropped the charges not even 24 hours after he was placed in custody.

    He has temper tantrums… yes.

    He is passionate about what he does… yes

    He compromises…( he and Robin made the agreement only one parent would do a film at a time so they could co parent so anyone sobbing over Robin’s career think about Forest Gump and the fact that she stated in numerous articles that she chose to parent vs. Hollywood).

    He’s the Exboyfriend who tests as a genius but lacks the emotional capacity to understand when he’s doing something stupid.

    He’s the one you think you can ” fix” but can’t.

    But that man has a world of heart ( even through his ramblings on his political views).

    Ben Foster, the most notable aspect of his character is the fact that he dated Lenny Kravitz’s daughter for over 3 years and shows up in a few films ( Last one I remember is the one with Mark Wahlberg in Contraband).

    I’m happy for her, even with her new movie, new man and ability to take control of her surroundings but ….everyone has issues.

    And competition to date younger people ? She’s had about 4 boyfriend’s since Sean and they’ve all resembled him in one way or another.

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