Rihanna and Chris Brown had quite a jolt yesterday when the judge who sentenced Chris to six months of hard labor cleaning up highways and five years probation, flatly REFUSED Rihanna’s request to cancel the stay-away order. This was a real shock because Chris must stay 100 yards away from Rihanna for five years or his probation will be REVOKED and he’ll go straight to jail. Rihanna hoped the judge would drop the order. This enhances the tragic “Romeo & Juliet” aspect of their shattered romance. Insiders feel the former lovers hoped to reunite when things quieted down. Now they don’t have a chance. Smart judge.

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  1. I honestly could NOT care any less about these two brainless fools if you held a gun to my head and threatened to steal my potato chips. They BORE me to tears! They are NON entities!

  2. She knows that Chris took all the heat for their fight. She got off easy, that’s why she still wants to be with him. I don’t agree that a man should hit a woman at all, but I don’t think she is the ‘victim’ that she’s made out to be either.

  3. Janet dear, you need better sources. The stay away order is 10 yards. Reasoning, the judge felt 100 might be a problem at any award ceremony. The paps will be looking for pics of them closer than 10 yards. Everybody wants chris in jail, except the dumb bitc* he beat up.

  4. Probably the best thing for these 2 is not to buy their music, watch their videos, etc…

    Best to ignore people like them.

  5. I think the judge did the right thing and I think the stay away order was away for the judge punishment to Rihanna and not so much Chris…Rihanna was trying to fight like hell to get that order dropped and if she wants this dropped she has to come before the court and the judge can still deny her…I think in the long run its a good move..Chris took the heat for this incident where she knew she had her part but Chris is getting his now and she will have hers come in another form….don’t matter what ppl say she played a big part in the fight as well..

  6. Who blew smoke up sunshines a$$. The protective order (stay away) was issued because Chris is a violent felon. Wake up and get a grip. Rhianna has no standing to have the protection order dropped. It was issued by the court as a result of the circumstances.

    Not to worry, the low IQ hood rats will most likely stil purchase, or steal both their merchandise.

    btw- I have a $100 that says chris will violate his probation within 2 years and be facing a jail term. I know this cause chris is a F-up.

  7. In the meanwhile R with the big forehead has been running the clubs and burying her face in Bush as often as possible, while Chris is having his choice of bimbo’s. Who would buy any of their music.

  8. @Right…ask yourself why do she want the order dropped so damn bad….

  9. More and more, it’s seemed like she is working with him, like after it happened they planned their PR together.

    I don’t doubt that she is a nightmare; but you don’t commit violence to someone you’re close to when your life is not in danger, you walk away.

    I do not think I could respect either of them less.

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