Rene Zellweger, 45, has been happy for the two years she’s been with her musician boyfriend Doyle Bramhall, also 45, but his ex-wife is not so thrilled. Doyle divorced Susannah Melvoin in 2010, (remember her? She’s also a musician and had a fling with Prince back in the day.) Doyle and Susannah have two daughters and she claims that he’s neglectful in financially supporting his kids. Meanwhile, Doyle is living it up at Renee’s lush home in Montecito, California, so Susannah is REALLY irked. Some musicians have charmed lives. Hopefully things will work out for Renee because she admits to being VERY fond of Doyle. (Above, Renee and Doyle arrive at LAX)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. The ex hubby and father of the children is responsible for child support not Renee.

  2. Doyle Bramhall broke up with Sheryl Crow to get with Renee. He is a real prize there!

  3. yep…………a funny couple is born this way.

  4. How can she bed down with that flea ridden street urchin

  5. WOW you’d have to be from Texas to understand
    i’ve worked with him and his father and they are both class and she is just a girl from Katy ,Texas at heart a real human being i’ve seen her in action ,she was back stage at a show Doyle was playing in Texas and she ask if she could use the washing machine to wash their clothes , i came back to check on stage towels being washed at the same time and when i walked in the back stage laundry she informed me that my towels were finished and she had folded all of them for me and hoped i didn’t mine
    who are any of you to judge someone else you probably never even met
    shame on you
    go out amongst the homeless and give of yourselves learn some humility
    may God bless all of you

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