Quentin Tarantino knows how to make his new wife happy – he gave her a role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Daniella Pick is an Israeli model and aspiring actress and she’s been having trouble landing acting jobs. Daniella, 35, and Quentin, 56, got married last year after a few years of dating. First time for both. The movie has a large cast, but we think Daniella played a sexy hitchhiker that flirted with Brad Pitt’s character. Daniella loves premiers and posing on the red carpet with her husband – she certainly will be disappointed if Quentin actually retires after his next film, like he threatens to do…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. She’s using the classic honey trap on the creepy fellow

  2. You got it wrong some other girl plays the hitchhiker Margaret

  3. janet IMDB is your friend the hitchhiker is played by Breanna wing

  4. Uh excuse me Janet, but nepotism is Hollywood. Do you really believe that Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow’s talentless wife with the high-pitch voice, would’ve gotten anywhere if she wasn’t married to him? And what about Gwyneth Paltrow’s rise to fame because of her parents? The list goes on and on and that’s not including the actress, and actors, who got roles because they had sex with the producers, directors, etc.

  5. would she still love him if he was poor and had those fetishes

  6. She definitely didn’t play the hitchhiker in the film, she was more like Leonardo’s Movie interest in the fake cowboy film.

    I will say anyone that tells their boyfriend that they are going to leave them on their 56 birthday is total shit unless they marry them.
    Daniella is a Nepo baby from Isreal and has no real grasp on what she is dealing with. She got him at a weak moment. He should have left her back in the club back in the chance meeting during Inglorious Bastards.

    Quentin deserves better than someone who tried to blackmail him during they Harvey era… and he happens to be the nicest guy ever.

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