This whole rehashing of the Natalie Wood drowning case thirty years after the fact looks like the LAPD trying to drum up some good will for itself. The fact that they got their “new” information from a book written by the boat captain is borderline absurd. This “captain” has been selling stories to the press for YEARS and certainly this publicity will help book sales. Back in 1981, the surviving parties, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken didn’t want the public to know how high they all were on quaaludes (the hot drug at the time) and alcohol. No one wanted to ruin Natalie’s reputation either, so the drugs and booze were played down. Certainly, bad decisions were made by all three celebrities on the yacht – maybe even involving sex. Chances are, Natalie was so loaded she was clumsy and didn’t know what she was doing when she fumbled with the dinghy and landed in the water. And the guys were just too wasted to pay attention. There was no foul play, just massive inebriation.

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  1. Natalie was known to be very free with her pussy during those years and Robert was jealous of it. RIP but its water long over the dam and there are many more serious issues out there today.

  2. Well, I for one have always felt there WAS foul play, and drugs and sex ARE to blame and the glorious Natalie Wood DID LOSE HER LIFE. Arrests should have been made; case should have gone to trial. Judge can decide involuntary manslaughter and then Natalie Wood’s horrific death would have been honored with the truth. Cover ups are never OK, Janet Charlton. Shame on you.

  3. I think there are plenty of famous/rich people who got away with murder. OJ, Robert Blake, William Shatner, the Kennedys, the list goes on and on. I would have no problem believing Wagner had something to do with this and it got covered up.

  4. It’s not the LAPD the Los Angeles Police Dept, it’s the LASD, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. that doing the investigation.

  5. I’ve always heard that Natalie caught Walken and RJ in bed together and freaked out. A huge argument that ensued, and RJ pushed her overboard. Everyone was VERY loaded, but, that’s no excuse: I vote w/ Palermo. Natalie was also terrified of water and couldn’t swim, and of course, RJ *had* to know that! I also believe that Bill Shatner had something to do w/ his drunk wife’s death, too — and so do cops who investigated it. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough evidence to get a conviction, so, there was no arrest.

  6. I’m sure a homosexual trist was going on between the Captain, RW and Walken.

  7. The biggest unsolved mystery ever imho would be ”Who killed JonBenet”.

  8. I think they were all very drunk and RJ and Christopher were in bed (but not the captain). They tried to get her to join them, she ran out on the deck screaming she would expose them, and they pushed her over. RJ always reminded me of a shifty-eyed snake and Christopher Walken looks scary.

  9. Natalie DID walk in and find RJ in bed with another man—that’s what led to their first divorce, according to Natalie’s sister Lana, who wrote about it in her book years ago.

    Whether something hinky was going on between RJ and Walken is probably something they will take to their graves—just as Natalie may have done.

    But it’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since her death. That Thanksgiving holiday weekend, one of the LA independent stations was playing “Miracle on 34th Street” as they always did traditionally—anyway, it was SURREAL to go from seeing 6 or 7-year-old Natalie Wood in that movie, to hearing the news flash about her tragic death.

  10. Oh, and I agree completely that this is just a feeble attempt at PR for the cops—and a way to give the various “news” outlets something to chew on and run into the ground. Again.

  11. I am with you Hilary about RJ an Shatner. RJ is more than likely guilty. Natalie’s sister had said that Natalie had a severe phobia of water and drowning. If that were the case, why was she on the boat to begin with? Sounds very suspicious to me.

    As for Shatner he seems like such a friendly guy, but I too believe he either directly or indirectly had something to do with his wife’s death.

    Hopefully the investigator’s get to the bottom of this case, but I personally believe it will take the same route as the JFK Warren commission investigation.

  12. Shatner had his I’s dotted and his T’s crossed. Captain Kirk knows how to win!
    As for Wagner and Walken in bed, not a likely scenario.
    Furthermore the drug of choice in 1981 was NOT Quaaludes. It never was the drug of choice. Come on now.

  13. you won’t believe this:
    …………I hope I have your attention.

  14. This scenario definitely had to have been a threesome, that I am sure of!! What went wrong? Someone obviously got left out!

  15. Muffie, Wagner bounced her off the walls of their cabin, when she tried to split he thumped her ass some more on the deck and then tossed her over.
    Just like the coke that was deep sixed right after.

  16. Patrick, that sounds like the most likely of scenarios but how did Walken figure in to the mix?

    Christopher Walken is one of my all-time favorite actors!! How could he get tangled in such a tragic mess?

  17. Muffie, they were partying like it was Christmas and Walken went manic from the dope. That guys sketchy when he’s normal let alone with a face full of it. The energy between him and Wagner would have been combustible.
    Robert couldn’t handle a psychotic Walken so he went for a fight he could win.
    The Captain of the ship is leaving the coke part out of the story. And if you listen to the halting way the Captain speaks I would suggest he’s had more than his fair share of party time in his time.

  18. Lot’s of inaccurate rantings…..Nat was widely reported to be much like Paula Abdul, in that she had a terrible odor emanating from between her legs when she got turned on (that obviously didnt bother BLACK Corey Clark) and tried to come on to Walken who was massively turned off by the smell. She stormed out and then got into it with Robert and ended up as a drowning drunk in the drink!

  19. Interesting topic and some really cool theories.

    I too have often wondered if Shatner had something to do with his wife’s demise.

    Chicagoland how some cool stuff. I think I need to read Lana’s book! I didn’t know that about Wood walking in on Wagner.

  20. from imdb: “The other film she made that year was West Side Story (1961), a musical about rival gangs in New York. During this time her marriage to RJ crumbled. Although he said that their careers conflicted with the marriage, biographer Suzanne Finstad says that she caught him “in a compromising position with another man.”

  21. Let me see if I understand this correctly. They were all sitting around on this luxury yacht just off Catalina Island and Walken says to RJ, “I smell something fishy.” and then they both turned to Natalie…?

  22. from Dennis Hopper: In the 50s, when me and Natalie Wood and James Dean and Nick Adams and Tony Perkins (Anthony Perkins) suddenly arrived… God, it was a whole group of us that sort of felt like that earlier group – the John Barrymores, Errol Flynns, Sinatras, Clifts – were a little farther out than we were… So we tried to emulate that lifestyle.

    For instance, once Natalie and I decided we’d have an orgy. And Natalie says “O.K., but we have to have a champagne bath.” So we filled the bathtub full of champagne. Natalie takes off her clothes, sits down in the champagne, starts screaming. We take her to the emergency hospital. That was *our* orgy, you understand?

  23. Geez, what was in that champagne?

    I’ve heard so much of this story in the past two days, I actually had a dream last night and Robert Wagner was in it. There was no coke or a yacht or a shifty captain though.

    If you want to see Christopher Walken at his cool best, watch the video “Weapon of Mass Destruction”.

  24. Denise, alcohol and perhaps a little bit of friction burn in delicate places just don’t mix.

    Thanks for the link on Walken.

  25. When Shatner was interviewed after his wife was found dead, he gave the worst performance of his life with the fake crying.

  26. Nothing new, good ol’Enquirer revealed many of these facts within a year of Natalie’s demise. All I know is that back in the 80’s I was fed up with the hoopla of this story…it just wouldn’t die.

  27. Nat knew it was better for her to first take an alcohol bath as it would help with the “odor”!

    There was probably not much of an autopsy at her death or maybe no look for drugs even so.

    Like Ron and Nicole she isnt coming back and all this rehash is more than likely the same as Goldman’s: just about the money!

  28. This is a waste of time and taxpayer money, as nothing will come of it, except publicity for the captain and book sales for the women he is collaborating with.

    Who knows what really happened? That’s the point. There is not and never will be any way to say for sure. We know they were all drunk (lots of public witnesses to that), we know from toxicology she had drugs in her system and we know from people who knew her well that she could be unstable and impulsive and had a notorious temper. If Wagner killed her, he picked a very good victim because she was her own worst enemy that night, certainly contributing to massive reasonable doubt if this thing ever does go to trial.

    Tragic, but not fixable, so move on.

  29. I don’t think it had anything to do with “ludes”–I think RJ was jealous. In his book that came out two years or so ago, he admitted to hiding outside Warren Beatty’s house with a gun, so he is admitting to violent tendencies.I doubt very much that she was promiscuous, or having affairs during the time that she was married to Wagner. I believe that his jealousy led him to fight with her physically, ending up on the deck where she was pushed or fell in and he just left he there, because his anger was out of control.

  30. I also heard the story that it was Walken & Wagner who were fooling around, and can easily believe it. I wonder why all this stuff about her not being able to swim keeps coming up. She did a skinny dipping scene in the movie This Property Is Condemned. Also, would someone who is “deathly afraid of the water” really keep going on all those trips to Catalina on a small yacht? I’ve done many of those trips myself and can tell you that the ride over can be very rough. I have a couple of friends who are afraid of water and they will not go on any boat trips in the ocean. Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if Wagner is responsible in some way, but I think a lot of fake stuff is going around about this now.

  31. I agree with “Bluejay” on the Shatner fake crying. I still laugh when I think of the crying with no tears as he stood outside his property after his wife’s “drowning” in the pool. I wasn’t laughing at her death but at his pathetic response. As for Natalie I guess when RJ said “get off my f**king boat” somehow she did.

  32. LAPS is NOT the one who reopened the case, rather the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD)….

  33. LAPD is NOT the one who reopened the case, rather the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD)….

  34. palermo, thank you for saying it: “I think there are plenty of famous/rich people who got away with murder. OJ, Robert Blake, William Shatner, the Kennedys, the list goes on and on. I would have no problem believing Wagner had something to do with this and it got covered up.”

  35. Ludes were certainly “hot” in the late seventies/early eighties, but not as hot as coke.

    Janet, I’m disappointed in you; do you really believe that bs about tripping on the yacht or whatever? “RJ” has always been a controlling sexist jerk (albeit capable of schmoozing people and charming them) who fits the profile of a classic abuser; and days after her death was saying things like she was probably screwing around that’s the kind of woman she was, and he was openly dating whatsername. “RJ” is a complete scummy creep and pathological liar. Ew, did he flirt with you at a party or something?

  36. My my what insight, what knowledge. Most of you apparently knew Natalie and know RJ and Walken. Hell it sounds like you have been in bed with all of them. You destroy the reputation of all the parties with wild baseless accusations and cruel comments, and you think RJ is a scumbag. Thanks Janet

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