All we know is, we can’t get ENOUGH information about the latest techniques in men’s hair replacement. It’s WAY more interesting than the unending obsession most gossip rags have with “baby bumps.” Anyway, there’s a new product out there that even WE never heard of. It’s a beauty secret that’s been kept under wraps by Hollywood studio stylists and has yet to appear on the shopping Channel. An old buddy of Entourage’s Jeremy Piven ran into him not long ago and remarked how great the actor’s hair looks. Piven confided that he has a new trick – he supplements his do with “hair in a can.” It’s chopped up little pieces of hair that is sprayed on to fill in thin spots on the head. “It’s just for photos or special occasions.” the Entourage agent added.

7 thoughts on “PUMP UP THE VOLUME

  1. Wasn’t “Hair in a can” a Ronco product that was out in the ’90s, and only seemed to work for Ron Popeil? Well, if it works for Piven than it works for him 😛

  2. Ugh-he’s as obnoxious as his cable TV character. I wonder what his “Q” rating is?

  3. Balding men — what a joke, esp. someone like the o so vain, Piven. Think deep yoga thoughts, Jeremy.

  4. Oh, come on. It’s so much fun to read about the antics of a perfectly ordinary narcissist on the prowl in H’wood. What would we ever do without idiots like Jeremy?

  5. Eh, I dunno. I think as a culture, we are as hard on men about hair as we are on women about breasts.

  6. When he was shooting the short-lived ABC series, “Cupid” in Chicago, he had cases of the stuff in his trailer! He certainly seems to have a lot more hair on his head than he did back then (1998).

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