Until we were reminded by a Hollywood Reporter Flashback, we had TOTALLY forgotten that Kirstie Alley (of all people) portrayed Gloria Steinem on film LONG before Rose Byrne played Gloria in Mrs America! (This was before Cheers) It was a 1985 TV movie called A Bunny’s Tale that documented the story of Gloria as a young journalist in 1963, going undercover and working as a Playboy Bunny for 11 days. Certainly the experience inspired Gloria’s future as a vigorous feminist. Scientologist Kirstie seems to have no history of supporting women’s rights – in fact she has had Twitter clashes with women’s rights activists. But she DOES support Scientology.

Above, Kirstie in the middle – looking glam!



  1. Page Six reports Kirstie is in negoiations to play Miss Piggy in a life action Muppet Movie. If that goes well, a sequel to DUMBO is in her future. Guess which part she will play? What a trajectory: From Bunny, to Pig, to elephant. Does that show her acting range or more like how much time she spends around the range in her kitchen?

  2. I’m not crazy about Scientology roots either, however, I would say she is for women when you look at many of her tweets she has called out Gislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein, hardly any big celebrities are calling her out, Gislaine procured young girls and prostituted them to old men, Kirstie Alley is regularly tweeting about how this evil lady should be brought to justice. Where is everyone else talking about that. Here’s her latest tweet ion that:

    REVOKE HER IMMUNITY.. SHE DESERVES A LIFE SENTENCE .. please don’t give here leniency !

    I would say this is the most important topic for women – Weinstein was nothing compared to the Epstein case and Nothing is happening to Gislaine and she is going to get to live her life freely while she destroyed the lives of many young girls. So I think Kirstie is for women more so then all the other female celebs who haven’t tweeted a peep about it. And read some of her other tweets condoning the violence right now, she is a sane voice on this. No I’m not a Scientologist and I wonder if she has no choice to stay in now, but look at her tweets she is definitely for helping women. Why not do a post asking people to get results on Gislaine Maxwell?

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