Looks like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie ARE starting to feel like Victoria Beckham bumped them off the paparazzi hot list. Demand for photos of Paris has leveled off – especially in the US- snappers say she’s overexposed and people are turned off. Posh Spice is expected to be the new hot girl In town and Paris and friends aren’t happy. (We predict Paris will eventually buddy up to Posh to share some of her spotlight – the way she did with Britney.) In an absurd attempt to drum up attention for themselves, Paris and Nicole walked into Mr Chow through the back door a few days ago. (Photographers are always camped in front of this popular Beverly Hills restaurant.) The two girls said hello to a few people and walked right through the restaurant without eating. They strolled out the front door into a blast of flashbulbs. They’ve gotta have that fix.


  1. They both have no talent and no work ethic or manners. If they weren’t rich kids, nobody would care about their antics. Let’s face it they would both be in jail on drug and dui charges if it wasn’t for family money.

  2. Looks like Paris can pass out in the back seat for a while.
    Please…no pictures.

  3. I am so sick of these useless whores. Hopefully they will both overdose & get out of our lives. Who’d miss them???

  4. They are famous for being the kids of celebs/hotel families. What is it they do besides screw and drink and drug? These are celebrities? God help us!

  5. I’m so sick of Paris especially! If I see her doing that lame dance again on a table someplace I’m going to vomit. Why hasn’t anyone ever noticed how goofy and uncoordianted she is while dancing? And that stupid baby voice she puts on-so creepy. Can we all pool together and put a contract out on these two?

  6. Nicole should have stopped to eat something. The poor girl needs a BIG MAC! I think she should hang out with Brit more often!

  7. we just need to put a contract on Paris. Nicole obviously will be dead from anorexia soon enough!

  8. Why anyone would want a picture of either of these sluts is beyond me.

  9. They have both had so much surgery! They look like two starved coke whores with nose jobs and lip injections. How pathetic to walk through a restaurant, not eat, and be posing for pics outside. Lame!

  10. I find this story to be pathetic and hilarious! I wish all the tabloids would forget these girls.

  11. Hey Nicole its Paris.Listen lets go to Mr Chows tonite,oh calm down we wont eat.just run thru do a bump, and go out the front door and get out pictures,sounds like fun huh,ok I”ll pick your boney ass up in 1 hour,Thats Hot.

  12. buahahahahaha. yeah, everything goes in cycles. it seems that paris and nicole are NOT hot anymore (effing finally!) and are headed for some big backlash.
    thank you. i am so tired of them. paris, go check into the Hilton Timbuktu for a while.

  13. thats the first time ive seen paris wearing pants and a long sleeve sweater.
    nicole is working the kate moss heroin chic fugalicious look. girl, anorexia makes you look ugly.

  14. I hope these 2 buy douches in bulk.2 stanks that are trying to stretch their 15 mins to 16……Oh No!
    P.S. Take Lindsay Lohan to nowhereville with you.

  15. I hope these 2 buy douches in bulk.2 stanks that are trying to stretch their 15 mins to 16……Oh No!
    P.S. Take Lindsay Lohan to nowhereville with you.

  16. I hope these 2 buy douches in bulk.2 stanks that are trying to stretch their 15 mins to 16……Oh No!
    P.S. Take Lindsay Lohan to nowhereville with you.

  17. Hopefully Nicole will get a felony charge for her DUI and she will go away for a while.

  18. I’ for one is happy to see Victoria Beckham in town, here is a girl who is so famous, but so put together no panty flashes-no cocaine-no dramatic scenes(ie) running away from the paps just good old fashioned look at my clothes and look how skinny i am.

  19. You’re just now figuring out that we (the public) are sick of Paris, Brittney, Nicole, Lindsay, et al? NO MORE STORIES ON THESE LOSERS!!!!!! There is nothing interesting about any of them. NO MORE!

  20. None of the three look remotely human. Why the fascination with these no-talent nobodies?

  21. What blows my mind (and teaches me something bad about human nature) is that even with the allegations that Paris has herpes, the men are still lining up to boink her.

  22. Two of the biggest losers in Hollywood. Maybe they will get drunk and run each other over.

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