Pamela Anderson has bills to pay so she doesn’t turn down many job offers. She paid a surprise visit to the Indian version of the reality TV show Big Brother – called “Bigg Boss.” Pam is a huge star in India thanks to Baywatch and the housemates and viewers were thrilled to have her. Pam’s never been to India and hoped to see more than just the Bigg Boss house in Mumbai while she’s there. She’s pictured above arriving and introducing herself to housemates (that big guy must be a wrestler or something.) In another scene she’s sunbathing on what looks like artificial grass- you knew a swim suit had to be part of the deal.

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  1. It would make me exceedingly happy to never have to see her used up face and nasty dryed up brittle hair and giant fake tits ever again…or hear her little girl voice. She needs to take her out of date persona back to 1980 (and sorry Sebastian) & Canada!

  2. LOL Sal. And I agree. Pam has changed a great deal physically, but her general personality has remained the same — it is a sort of small town Canadian white girl wholesome cuteness, all sickly sweet and irritating — and it is tired, particularly on a women pushing 50.

    I saw a comment on a gossip site a long time ago, by someone who worked as a waiter in the Hamptons. He had served Pam while she was out there, and he said that without product and styling she looked like a monster — there was nothing remarkable or pretty about her face AND you could see the plastic surgery scars. Ick!!!

  3. “Live fast, love hard, die young, and leave a beautiful memory” is an old country song. Except the memories she leaves us will be of her skanky ways. Poor kid.

  4. Indy, don’t forget her implants…she will also leave behind her implants. Those things do not break down.

  5. Breast implants are one of the many banes to the existence of crematorium staff btw.

  6. Sebastian, why would that be? They would either pop and melt from the heat, or be removed before the body is burned. I don’t see why they would be a problem at all, other than for the poor person who has to see that gross chick naked. I have seen pictures of her face without makeup and it is nasty beyond nasty!

  7. Nothing more pathetic than an aging person trying to make a living from their sexuality. She looks like 40 miles of bad road now.

  8. Maybe Canada and America can get together and pay India to keep her in that Bigg Boss house permanently. She would make a great display for tourists and if aliens of bad intent showed up they could easily be scared back to their own planet by a close up look at her Hep-C face stripped down to the nitty-gritty. Add the scared giant fake tits bouncing free in all their glory and surely the bad guys would run away with warp speed.

  9. Okay, now I have the image of breast implants exploding in a crematorium emblazoned in my brain. That’ll never scrub out.

  10. ^^^^^^^^Yeah, they should be embarrassed, and USA and the world have been….bare-assed…so much so that most of us pay no attention any more. A glut of scantily clad sluts are everywhere, they are everywhere.

  11. Sal, RE breast implants and cremation:

    I remember reading something about the implants causing minor explosions inside the cremation chamber. It does not cause any damage, but is rather disconcerting for anyone nearby.

    I have also read something about silicone implants causing body bits to clump together. As a result the ashes delivered to the loved ones can have clumps as opposed to being thoroughly sift-able.

  12. Whatever happened to the hepatitis C? Is it dormant or something? She doesn’t ever seem to look sick or anything and also seems to still be drinking. I don’t get it.

  13. It’s only a matter of time before India has a chance to read Pam’s clippings.

  14. Women who trade on their sexuality to get ahead never end up well. Pam had nothing to offer other than her looks and now that she’s old she can’t let go of it. Meryl Streep is pushing 60 and looks far better.

  15. Have you noticed when she talks it’s kind of like a fast rat-a-tat-tat, like she’s high on something. This woman is a disaste

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