No WONDER someone has been demanding retractions of the story about Pamela Anderson‘s so-called “bad date” with billionaire Steve Bing. (We didn’t write it.) Now it appears that Steve is making progress in his determined wooing of Pamela. Their mutual friend Heidi Fleiss is encouraging a romance, but Pam is not as enthusiastic as Steve. However, Steve HAS been quietly seeing Pam and his generosity and attention is bound to impress her after dating selfindulgent rockstars. Pammy still has a place in her heart for the father of her kids Tommy Lee, and they spent time together with the kids at Christmas, but she doesn’t picture a future with him. She’s trying to be open-minded about dating others. Last nght she was seen dining at Beige with friends but she left early explaining “I always get up early with the boys and take them to school.” Britney could take a tip from her.

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  1. Pam has always been good with her kids. You have to give her credit for that.

  2. Oh yeah, she’s just a great role model for her young boys. I’m sure their proud to show that Playboy spread of Mom to all their buds… Get real, people.. Good Mom??? Maybe, if you have no morals….

  3. I’m kinda torn; in oe waywe knows sheloves her kids. She goes to their soccer games, takes them to schol& you can always find pics of them together. Pam says her kids come first.Compared th thatblob known as Britneythe stupid, selfish fuckhead. But then we have Pam almost naked alot of the time…great for her kids & their therapists.

  4. Sorry ’bout all the MANY mispellings.7am & am half asleep. Totally sorry. Next time I won’t drink and type the same time. Kidding. My bad.

  5. I reread my first comment & have no idea what the hell I was trying to say. Gone to hide in the corner now.

  6. Great lookin gal, just been thru the wringer with guys and that wedding to Kid Rock just didn’t pan out any really good media attention…
    Is that Kid Rock ever going to come out with a new album which will put him back on top of his game. I heard somewhere he’s been sighted in NW TN near Hank Williams Jr place. I’m surprised more celebrities don’t live in those parts – talk about private and neighborly neighbors who will actually look out for you.

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