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Las Vegas illusionist Hans Klok and Pamela Anderson were seen at
Beige together, but don’t jump to any conclusions. Hans hired Pam to be in his act at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and he pays her a million dollars a month. She only has to work four shows a week for twelve minutes each, so it’s a great gig. There were rumors of a budding “romance” for the coworkers, but Pam admitted to friends that it didn’t happen. The rumor got Hans lots of publicity, but actually the jury’s still out on whether this magician prefers girls or boys.

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  1. she looks trampy! Nothing like showing off your assests…LOOK AT ME EVERYONE!!

  2. Wow – she makes a mil to work 48 minutes a week? I’ll get implants and any other plastic surgery I need to get that! Ha!
    Seriously – she is nothing more than a caricature.

  3. to anyone who has dreams of coming to hollywood and becoming a sex pot: you were once a beatiful young thing now you look no better than a used piece of toilet paper. she is so UGLY now. I cant believe this is the same girl that first came to hollywood only a few years ago.

  4. Pam looks like she’s has some MORE plastic surgery .
    Yuck ! she is nasty !!

  5. She looks looks like his mother… actually, on second thought, she looks more like a prostitute old enough to be his mother.

  6. She’s pathetic. Someone link her to these comments so she’ll wise up.

  7. She’s gross! She was so cute when she first went to Hollywood, but now–UGH.

  8. A million a month? How much money does he make? As far as liking boys or girls…even in this pic he’s looking over Pam’s shoulder at a man! lol! She really needs to take the boobies down a size. It just makes her look like a tramp and I don’t think she is…am I wrong?

  9. He’s not telling his preference in his love life? It’s not obvious? OH! Sure she fakes all kinds of things her life and can’t settle down because she is a professional skank.. >_

  10. I am from Holland and I can tell you for sure he’s gay .. and a very nice guy

  11. I am willing to get implants, dirty blonde dye job, act like an imbecile, do everyone on any stationary furniture if I can get that job that pay a million a month for working less than five hours. WOW that is so amazing. Where do I sign up?

  12. you are all idiots esp any women who are writing in. she looks awesome for 40, how bout you ladies send in some shots of urself at 40 in bikini or even fitting in those types of clothes. you prolly wouldn’t dare share them NOW and most of your are prolly under 30. Get real, she’s still extremely attractive and if your boyfriends are agreeing with your bad talk about Pam its cause they’re tired of hearing your rants and are agreeing to get along. No man in his right mind would turn down a nite with Pam – u girls are JEALOUS

  13. Not that it makes much difference, but the show is at Planet Hollywood, not the Hard Rock.

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