While Jim Carrey waited outside with his motor running in a white SUV, Jenny McCarthy clip clopped into Gelson’s at closing time in Pacific Palisades , wearing black patent stilettoes and a tight miniskirt . She left with a tiny bag of “personal necessities…” Lisa Rinna, picking up still more dance shoes and workout wear at Capezio in Hollywood. The shop is a landmark – it’s been there since 1960… Kiefer Sutherland looking not only clean and sober but “clean cut and well groomed” at California Pizza Kitchen on Sunset… What would Brandy think? Her brother Ray J was seen at Xenii consorting with video vixen Karinne Steffans…..

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  1. Considering that Ray J and Karrine already slept together and she wrote of it in her book, I doubt Brandy would have much to say. His performance at Xenii was kinda sucky I thought. And some moron told Rick Fox that I was a dude. Why do black folks try to start rumors and create unnecessary drama? To that guy in question, I’m sorry if I remind you of someone who’s dick you may have sucked, but I’m all female partner.

  2. Jenny looks more manly than Carrey. I wonder how Carrey feels to be a washed up actor?

  3. Her last name is Rinna. I have been noticing so many errors on your site. You really should research a bit better before posting your “gossip” (which tends to be highly derivative of other sites, by the way).

  4. Jenny seems to be digging her fingernails in on ole Jim there. How hard would it be to deal with him being “on weird” all the time.

  5. a couple made in hell. When the laughter stops there egos will fight

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