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Suddenly OUR scoop about Sharon Stone hooking up with Christian Slater is all over the web and it’s quoted word for word! Our readers read it two days earlier. But the story was appropriated by a website called WENN ( who seems to SELL gossip to websites that need it) and Hollywood.com. They must have been very impressed with the item – they copied it word for word, and distributed it everywhere WITHOUT CREDITING their source which is, of course, Janet Charlton’s Hollywood. We admit that fresh original gossip is hard to come by, and we slave to dig it up for our readers. JCH adheres to website protocol which means – give credit and links to fellow websites when appropriate. Thanks to the sites out there who DO – and SHAME on the ones who just steal. Next time come HERE first and get it staight from the source!

18 thoughts on “Our Readers Know

  1. Wendy Williams has her flunkies visit this site ( and many others) for tidbits to READ on her radio programs.
    Sometimes Williams will credit your site as her source (or those other sites) but many times, she will not.
    She’s a bit of a scatter brain and “forgets” to credit her sources.

  2. I hate that. I remember when I broke the story about Reese and Ryan having an argument at the afterparty of his movie “Flags of our Fathers” in October. Well it was picked up by Gawker, and then VH1, NY newspapers and finally appeared in the glossies after the divorce announcement 10 days later. Some credited my blog, others just called me a celebrity blogger, and the glossies contributed it to no one. I knew it was my quote because I wrote that Reese ran to the bathroom after the fight, but in reality my source had no idea where she went (later another source told me she went to get her coat, not the bathroom, and then went out on the terrace of the SoHo House Hotel. [Which I corrected on my blog about 10 days later])

  3. MSNBC has said Sharon Stone denied there was any romance. It was all a publicity stunt that didn’t get alot of publicity. Sharon Stone should accept that her career is over and find some elderly guy and marry him ala Anna Nicole.

  4. Good girl, Janet! Sending you best wishes for a very happy holiday season and looking forward to a great 2007 full of groovy gossip!

  5. And yet, for all the gloating, you are still as open to PR abuse and shilling as the rest of them that want to sell stah hookups and fake dalliances. 😉

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