They are neighbors and friends, and Oprah Winfrey has big plans for Meghan Markle – she’s mentoring her to become a talk show host. Before retiring, Oprah was the undisputed queen of daytime talk TV and she thinks Meghan has what it takes to fill her shoes. The women hit it off when Oprah interviewed Meg and Prince Harry for that top rated TV special, and they became closer living minutes away from one another in Montecito, California. As their friendship blossomed, so did Oprah’s admiration and she’s planning to anoint Meghan as the “future of daytime talk TV.” As we already told you, Meghan is eager to resume her acting career, but she’s also quite intrigued by Oprah’s idea. Oprah’s been quietly giving her lessons on what it takes to be a great interviewer and Meghan is all ears.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Meghan is all lies, and her acting career is non existant. She sucks big time

  2. Everyone hates her. She is relatable to nobody except for maybe future gold-diggers.

  3. She’s a talentless hack who used to yacht for money. She’s a hateful destructive shrew who has left a trail of haters in her snobby wake. Bite me, worthless wench.

  4. What is WRONG with you Meghan-haters? What specifically has she ever done to offend you?

  5. To answer Janet (AKA Megsy)

    She treats everyone horribly. Her own family, his family, hired help, former “friends”, and the list goes on. She plays the victim but she is a victimizer. She’s shallower than rain puddle and thinks the world should idolize her. I don’t know where she came up with a personality like this, but people like this don’t have real friends. They are users, abusers, plotters and scammers. She’s a former prostitute yet thinks some great virtuous person. She’s a d-list actress (and that’s being generous) that has been scheming for years to be famous. If it weren’t for Just Harry, no one would even know who she is.

  6. Meghan’s interviews are all about herself. I had hoped Oprah finally saw through Ms. Me. Will not be watching.

  7. Give me a break. We have heard her interview skills on her podcast. She basically interviews herself with little regard for her guest.

  8. Mega-Mouth. One of the worlds biggest liars and narcissistic psycho!
    Nobody likes you MegaLiar, go hideaway somewhere. Also find this incredibly unlikely as Oprah distanced herself after their interview when she realized she’d been had with the lies as well! MM will never be anybody again, she’s done her dash the world over……

  9. Well Oprah is a self made billionaire and Meghan has the looks and acting chops to be a great talk show host. Great idea!

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