Who would have guessed Lucille Ball was a big fan of Tom Cruise! Tom’s ties to Paramount are deeper than we realized. Years ago, after Risky Business was released, Lucille Ball and her husband Gary Morton produced Tom’s next film, “All The Right Moves.” The Mortons and Cruise were considered an odd pairing at that time in Hollywood, but Lucy liked Tom and once described him as “a clean cut all American kid.” Eventually, Tom moved his offices into the enormous Lucille Ball building at Paramount and by the time he left last week, he was occupying the entire structure. So he must be feeling some sentimental twinges.

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8 thoughts on “ODD PAIRING

  1. Or maybe Lucy wanted to give a young gay actor a chance to succeed.

  2. The Tom Lucy met back then is not the Tom of today. And I am so tired of hearing how much talent he has. He hasn’t made a decent picture in years.

  3. Never realized that Lucy produced “All The Right Moves” in which Tom showed his penis. I wonder how she felt about that or if she ever realized, probably the latter. I like the Tom Snow title song by Jennifer Warnes and some guy I can never remember his name.

  4. “Or maybe Lucy wanted to give a young gay actor a chance to succeed.”
    Keep dreaming…lol

  5. I think she liked him because she was a big pain in the ass herself. I used to think she was almost a saint until an actor, who had no reason to lie, said he was sitting behind her on plane and she kept accusing him of kicking the back of her seat. The actor said he was so short he couldn’t even REACH the back of her seat (first class, lots of leg room). He said he assured her that he was not doing what she was accusing him of but she didn’t listen and tried to sic GAry Morton on him. I am so glad that Desi Sr gave her a run for her money. He probably knocked her down a peg or too.

  6. There are tons of horror stories about the monster Lucy. Not a happy or funny woman offscreen. Ask Patty Duke.

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