Donald Trump didn’t do himself any favors when he called Milwaukee, Wisconsin a horrible city during a closed door session with GOP lawmakers in Washington DC, but judging from what we just heard it might just be the first time he was voicing his HONEST opinion. Donald is expected to be named the Republican presidential candidate during the convention in Milwaukee being held from July 15-18. Although he will be a BIG presence there, my source reveals that he and his family will actually be staying 90 miles away in Chicago, Illinois and hop on his private jet to Milwaukee when it’s time to take the stage! The reason? Middle-class Milwaukee, while a lovely city, doesn’t have any five star hotels, and snobbish Donald refuses to stay in a modest hotel. Nearby Chicago has many more luxury hotel options. My source reveals that the EXCUSE will be that none of the hotels in Milwaukee can properly provide the security needed for the former president. But the REAL reason is – he thinks the city is a dump.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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