Every dark cloud has a silver lining. There’s an upside to the conservatorship that Britney Spears has been enduring for over a year. Her father is still in charge of her life and for that reason she was excused from the sometimes dreaded jury duty. It’s extremely difficult to get out of jury duty in California for any reason, but Britney won’t have to report to the courtroom until she no longer has a court appointed conservator.



  1. You mean at some point Britney could actually be on a jury???

    Why do I think that jury will consist of Stewie Griffin, the kids from South Park, Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show, and, of course, Sean Young and Courtney Love?

  2. What “designer” is foisting those hideous sleeves on Britney and Joan Collins?

  3. Her hair,( mostly extensions and clip-ons), continues to look hideous, as does her aging beastly face.

  4. Funniest youtube clip ever. Britney, pissing herself when the drunken fan got on her stage.

  5. Guess then the question would be which Britney would show up at court. Could be dicey!!!

  6. I was with her in the jury selection room.

    We all thought she’d packed a tuna sandwich for lunch.

    She hadn’t.

  7. Mrs. Patrick Campbell too funny. And the kids who played in the sandbox with her when they were little always thought it was the cats!

  8. “Patrick” Just watched the clip on you tube you were talking about. Personally I don’t find this very funny at all. It is actually quite demented that you would find this comical. No matter how many jokes people make about Ms Spears, this is not at all funny. She was obviously very scared and taken aback. Do you now how many stalkers probably threaten her life in a year? Your sense of humor is a little bit OFF to say the least.

  9. Seriously? Yep, that definitely looks like a nightie. She will never be known as a fashionista.

  10. Lookin’ good relative to many other recent photos. She must drink a gallon of coffee a day.

  11. There is some character to her face at least. There was nothing appealing about Girl Scout Barbie.

  12. the fastest way to become a millionaire?

  13. Muffin Top eaaasy.
    You must take the story in its context. The woman is a fraud. She lip synchs every song. does not write her music or lyrics. She is a lousy dancer. It is comic relief to see some harmless pissed idiot fan standing in front of her and she hysterically lets go of her bladder. They clear the dummie, then she awkwardly resumes her lip synching.
    He is not a stalker ala Mark David…he is harmless.
    This was the high point of her tour.

  14. Patrick, I agree about Britney being a talentless imbecile, but I agree with Muffin top!!! I am all for tearing apart Fame Whores, but Fame Whores have to have 1) some form of self-awareness 2) a moral compass and 3) a basic intellect and understanding of the world in order to sell out and prostitute themselves. Britney has none of these.

    Sure, maybe I am being a filthy hypocrite here, but I think it is one thing to have a chuckle about Spears being on a jury, or laugh at her stupid responses in an interview. It is another to take pleasure in her serious distress and pain.

  15. Patrick. I do agree with your comments about her being talentless. She is a very, very good example of what “GOOD PEOPLE” can do to spin anyone into superstar(skills not necessary). I do feel she is ripping people off by all her fake singing skills, but she herself has stated that people come to see her dance and perform. By far the biggest sham artist in music history, but hey, people still buy her records, tickets and merchandise so she is doing something right I guess.

    As for her “fear being funny” comment, I DO NOT agree. You have obviously never been in a position like this, where you do fear for your safety.

  16. Muffin Top, would three pistols pointed at my head while being robbed qualify as being in a position of fear? In downtown Seattle outside the music experience at night of all places.
    Next time a picture of Britney exiting a car in a short skirt is posted. Don’t look, it will scare YOU!
    I think her reaction to the silly, pissed fan was hilarious, all he did was get on her stage. This is nothing new or unseen at concerts. I have seen it many times. The performer ignores them and the interloper is rushed off by gorillas. She looked a little to tightly wound.

  17. It’s not the fact that she can’t sing, act or dance worth a damn. People act like she sings like Barbra Streisand and she’s more like Bob Dylan. She’s not hot and she doesn’t have a great body. I have never gotten why she so popular.

  18. Lenny, I also can not fathom how she got so rich and famous. Her voice is horrible.:)

  19. I Love Britney and wish people would give this woman a break and stop stressing her out and frustrating her and stop controling her life.

  20. She is so wonderful at her skills and she has the most amazing voice and can do wonders with a song and she works really hard at taking care of her boys and her family over all and it seems to me…No one will give her credit for that…It does not seem right that some one can take control over her money.

  21. I think she is being treated unfair on so many levels…Whitney and Healther Locklear have not been harrassed by cps but poor Britney is? That sticks and is really unfair to this sweet young lovely lady.

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