Photo Credit: Buzz Photo

We just came across this vintage photo of teen idol Leif Garrett and his teenage girlfriend Nicollette Sheridan – it must be DECADES old. We just had to share it with you. Already gorgeous Nicollette looks way more interested in the camera than she does her boyfriend’s smooch. Who’d have guessed she’d end up a Desperate Housewife and he’d end up in rehab -or jail- or both.


  1. Gee,not only did her career get bigger.But also her lips and breasts,only in hollywood.

  2. The reason that she is looking at the camera is because I took this photo! She was 17 and it was 1980. I lived close to Leif and he asked me to come over to do the photos. She was to die for back then! Even back then, the photo was published all over the world. She was just trying to break into modeling while going to High School. brad elterman

  3. Brad,
    Love the pic. I wish we could all start over and have it be 1980 again, only knowing what we know now.
    ahhh the innocence of youth…

  4. hehe Janet, Leif was my neighbor for a few years…he was living in a tiny single shack that was really a store front….anyhow, people were always in and out…drug deals no doubt….but Leif was alays friendly while out walking his 2 dogs..he looked quite like a bum, and wore a bandana every day. Last I saw him he was packing up and moving out…on to bigger and better perhaps, or just more drug deals…

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