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“Precious” director Lee Daniels put Nicole Kidman through the wringer while filming “The Paperboy.” She not only had two explicit sex scenes, but a scene where she pees on Zac Efron after he’s bitten by a sting ray. And the whole movie takes place in the steamy Florida swamps in the early 70’s. Daniels says he shocked the actress when he insisted that Nicole would understand her character (the town hussy who has a pen-pal relationship with a convict) better if she did her OWN hair and makeup. To illustrate, he placed her in a room full of women who wrote to men in prison. AND he required that she “jiggle,” so she had to GAIN fifteen pounds! Nicole did as she was told until she got to the part in the script where her character had to use the N-word. She flatly refused. No WAY. Eventually, director Daniels relented.

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  1. I’ll pass on this crap. Sounds like another real winner. This is why I rarely go to movies anymore. I don’t even watch most of them for free on TV.

  2. Oh Good Lord,,,how is the “N word” worse than the “B word” (male or female) or the “F word”, or the “C word” or lots of other words?

  3. Ha, how PC…BLACKS call themselves and everyone else the N word constantly…maybe because their vocab is so limited.

    This all seems like some PC publicist’s release that JC picked up.

  4. This post is definitely courtesy of a publicist. Most of Janet’s posts are. But come on, Strom–everyone knows the only people who are allowed to use the N word is blacks.

    Good for Nicole. She’s a great actress, but don’t know if she can pull off a “hussy”. Too many Chanel ads in her portfolio.

  5. I agree with Noblecascade to a point. The words he or she mentioned are nasty words. But the “N” word has been associated with so much pain and social ignorance for so many decades, that I am proud of Nicole for refusing to say it. I grew up with a very racist father, and I swore after I left home, I would NEVAH utter that word again. I hear people around me say it, and it just makes me cringe. If blacks want to call each other that, they can go right ahead, but white people don’t have to follow suit. Show some respect, please, for another race.

  6. Frankly my dears, Rhett Butler and I don’t give a damn.

  7. I applaud Nicole for taking a stand. I’ve been suspicious of Quenton Tarrantino’s near constant use of it in some of his movies, particularly Pulp Fiction. Never mind the rest of the movie, it didn’t make any sense for his character (married to a Black woman) and talking to another Black character to be using it. I’ve been giving him the side-eye ever since.

  8. NICOLE must be some kind of a freak because practically every movie she does has her doing weird, freaky anti-social shit. She seems to get off on KINK.

  9. I’m still learning to like the ‘ice queen’ and her lips looks so fake in this picture BUT she has been picking good movies to act in. How well she acts, well, that’s still up for debate.

    I like seeing her with more weight because she creeps me out with how skinny she gets! If she could be more natural in public I may relate to her even. She got out of a bad relationship, didn’t she? Kudos to her!

  10. Oh! Sorry, double post…but it would be so cool to see Nicole play Katie’s mom in a movie about a family that breaks away from a strict, overbearing family! Nicole may not be old enough to be Katie’s mom but it would be dirt in Tom’s face. He’s be compared to Woody Allen. Something I did as soon as he jumped on Oprah’s couch. I thought ‘Tom’s gone Woody!’

  11. Her beloved son Conner is black.. shame on them to suggest it..

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