As we told you awhile back, Nicole Kidman is definitely NOT pregnant. And she just PROVED IT by shopping at the baby store Petit Tresor. This shop must have a direct line to the media – every time a celebrity walks in the door they trumpet every detail of the purchase. (And we lOVE them for that!) If Nicole were keeping a pregnancy under wraps, this is the LAST store she’d shop in. Plus, of course, newly pregnant women don’t go out buying baby clothes right away – that can be unlucky. Nicole is too smart for that.


  1. How do you tell the difference between New Zealanders and Aussies?
    Ankle scars from the shackles!
    Commonwealth joke… I don’t know if you guys get those?
    SHE WILL!!

  2. Since she left the controlling Midget freak, Nicole has done & received the following: nominated for Academy Award for Moulin Rouge, won Academy Award for The Hours, Golden Globe nomination for Cold Mountain, Golden Globe nomination for Birth.
    Seems like her career blossomed after she shook the dwarf off her leg.

  3. I think she looks very pretty. I wonder how long she will stay with her current husband. Any up dates on the woman claiming to have an affair with Keith Urban. Heard she was in trouble with the law. Could be a con job.

  4. Alot of nasty people posting here. I am not a big Kidman fan, but I think she has handled herself very gracefully since she got dumped by Tom Cruise (yuck). I wish more people would follow her example – we’d have less Britney, Paris and Lindsay to bore ourselves to death. They act like 8th graders compared to her.

  5. I adore her!
    Especially since she lost Tommy Grrrrrl!

  6. Good Lord, you people are mean! She has more class than some of the trash that is always in the news! She looks a lot better than Brittney Spears and Nicole is a lot older.

  7. kidman has two children with tom cruise.
    but if she wants to give birth she might have problems due to:
    a. being underweight
    b. her age.

  8. Her sister is expecting, probably why she was shopping in a baby store

  9. I use to like Nicole alot, but she sold her soul to the midget and now she must pay her dues.

  10. Hopefully her hubby will stay sober awhile before they have a baby. Babies don’t fix relationships.

  11. She needs to cool it with the botox. She looks totally plastic and soon pathetic.

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