Her exboyfriend Kevin Connolly will NOT be happy to hear that Nicky Hilton has moved ON in a big way. She’s hooked up with David Katzenberg, considered quite a catch in this town. David was steady dating Mary Kate Olsen for around a year until he had a foolish fling with Paris Hilton! THAT only lasted a few weeks. Recently David’s friendship with Nicky went a step further. Apparently Nicky does not object to her sisters sloppy seconds because she and David are now an item. They were seen on a date at the Dime this weekend where they were reportedly “nice to each other.”



  1. NOBODY cares about either of those useless Hilton girls!! Please, no more stories about them!

  2. Oh Dear.Anything thats checked into the Paris Hilton,Needs to be fumigated.

  3. I once had the misfourtune to run into miss paris hilton in malibu.what a rude c-nt.Tick Tock.that sound you hear is her 15 mins running out,and that stench you smell is coming from her.

  4. Paris Hilton is so creepy looking and is an total airhead. What upper magnitude guy like David would want her for anything except maybe the money?

  5. I don’t see a ball and chain on Katzenberg or Stavros, they’re with the Hilton sisters because they WANT to be with them.
    Much of the stuff one reads about Paris Hilton appears to originate in the writers’ own dirty minds.
    People are insane with jealousy, that’s all.

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