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Nicky Hilton looked a bit schlumpy the day she was seen shopping on 3rd Street in West Hollywood. (We can only imagine how difficult is to keep up with sister Paris.) She popped into Milk and came out empty handed so she proceeded to House of Petro Zillia where she and Paris ALWAYS find something interesting. She bought a purple silk jumper, a white eyelet dress, and a few more summer frocks. The shop sells original designs with a wide range of mostly affordable prices. Nicky left with several shopping bags, looking triumphant.

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  1. All the money in the world and she still has size 16 feet.

  2. Who cares? Nicky is a spoiled, lazy, racist drughead like parasite. She is just quieter about it.

  3. her feet dont look big. well, you do know what they say about women who have big feet, dont you? i dont know what they say. haha but who cares.
    there’s nothing wrong with her outfit, its the hair that is not doing it for her.
    we need a recent picture of the hilton parents and what their reactions were to all the pornos that their daughters deliver to the public. yes, nothing has been said of how paris’ mom reacted to the storage unit junk that was exposed….there has to be some juice in there somewhere.

  4. Lots of medicine for herpes was found in that storage unit. God knows what else is stored in Paris’ snatch for good. Can’t believe she has yet to get that lazy eye fixed. Both birds have at least size 11 feet.

  5. i took a look at the stores’s website.
    i’m not impressed withe designs or the prices.
    H & m anyone?

  6. “schlumpy”? I have usually very few good things to say about the Hiltons, but for once I think Nicky actually looks quite cute in this picture.

  7. I feel sorry for the paps who have to follow this stupid butt-ugly skank around all day long.

  8. You call her schlumpy? Sheesh, can’t a girl-eiss simply go shopping without being constantly critiqued? Physician, heal thyself…..your wardrobe is a very scary nightmare.

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