Nick Cannon seems to be having a LOT more fun single than his estranged wife Mariah Carey. The divorce is heating up with Nick demanding custody of their twins and a 30 million dollar pay-off. Mariah insists that she will only give him 10 million according to their pre-nup. So what did Nick do? He made a deal to write a tell-all about their marriage with publisher Simon and Schuster, according to The Daily Mail. Mariah’s extravagant idiosyncrasies and self-indulgent behavior is bound to make VERY interesting reading.

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  1. If he spills the beans on her being a bit “pungent” there will be a major war. Paula just lied about it like she did about screwing BLACK Corey Clark.

  2. I, too, am a famous author! One of my books is all about my expolits in Afganistan. I’m more manly than guy who wrote about being a sniper.

  3. I once believed that he was a good guy and loved her.

    Apparently I was wrong.

    Mariah should stick to her guns and not give him a penny more than her pre-nup states.

    So what if he writes a tell-all. How would we know what is truth and what is fabrication?

    If he really loved his kids, he wouldn’t threaten to publicly humiliate their mother.

    He is showing his true colors – and they are ugly. She should fight him tooth and nail for the kids. There’s no reason they can’t have a nearly 50/50 arrangement, but Mariah should be the primary parent. Nick is a piece of trash.

  4. Im no fan of Mariah Scarey but her ex is coming off like an opportunist and a manwh0re,

    was it really all about the money, nick?

  5. Poor little imposter….all it reads is stories in “Gay Life”. It so wants to be important and wealthy like Strom.

  6. Greedy man.. Mariah’s lawyers and fans will bury him to no class level by shame-rejection for wanting to expose some kind of scandal as she had serious and really dangerous medical conditions during her pregnancy then depression and a hard time healing later while he was demanding she stop complaining and lose weight and have more kids right away.. ignoring her suffering and leaving her to cope alone finding out he’s a jerk.. proving it with smug foolish pretense nothing was wrong with him after having twins, what is her problem, making his father say rude things about her not being a good wife.. and other harsh and indiscreet creepiness took place so she hid from him and refused to trust him..

  7. 10 million $$$$$ is an enormous amount of cash. It will provide him with a comfortable and lavish life for as long as he lives. So greedy to want more.

    Nick should think about the millions of elderly who survive on social security or labor under minimum wage jobs to support themselves and their families.

    So selfish and vindictive.

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