Do we ever get tired of talking about Napolean Dynamite? Certainly not. It’s been two years since the movie came out and there are still things to be learned about the stars. After seeing the film, we were excited to meet Jon Heder (Napolean) and Efren Ramirez (Pedro) on separate occasions. We encountered Jon at an Oscar party at The Abbey in West Hollywood, of all places, and Jon introduced us to his wife and HIS IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER Dan! His brother is not an actor but he is involved in production or animation. We were struck by how good looking Jon was without the 70’s drag, but also a tiny bit disappointed that he was so normal. Imagine our shock when not long after that we ran into Efren Ramirez and HIS IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER Carlos at a theater opening! We were quite astonished that BOTH stars of the movie are twins! We searched everywhere for a photo of Jon and Dan to show you but couldn’t locate one so we made do with two Jons. After an extensive search we DID locate a picture of the Ramirez twins for your viewing pleasure. We are fascinated by twins.


  1. Nappy Dynomite: the most over rated not funny movie. It signals the death of comedy

  2. They’re cute. Gotta say I like these guys.
    Beats reading about Lindsay Lohan’s latest hospitalization.

  3. I knew Jon had a twin bro but didn’t know Pedro had one, too!!! (& they both do look pretty good in real)

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