Speaking of Claire Danes‘ head scarf – this is what we’ve been waiting for. The Spanish Muslim Association in Madrid demonstrated against terrorism, jihadism, and FOR Charlie Hebdo, in the streets of Marbella. We’d like to see this kind of demonstration in the US, and especially, France. The demonstrators are not all WOMEN – the male Muslims had to demonstrate SEPARATELY, and not too close to the women. One woman held a sign saying “Keep calm – I’m not a terrorist.” What the world needs is more Muslims loudly denouncing violence and lack of equality for women.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Musliams think; Women are inferior, to sell and trade or kill they are chattle and lower than animals..

  2. Well, two things: DeeCee, I don’t know about the religion itself, but I’ve known a heck of a lot of Muslim women who are NOT meek and mild…confident, even domineering fit better and Janet, I agree to an extent, but I also think it is unfortunate that Muslim people should feel obligated to try and make up for the wrongs of a few people who really has nothing to do with them and their faith.

  3. Muslim women should fight against wearing those awful berkas — not being allowed to drive a car; not being allowed to be educated; not be allowed to be outside alone; not allowed to express one-self; not having any rights or freedoms. WOMEN: Take action against those radical islamists (men or women). Don’t u want to live in a place where u have freedom to say what u want; dress the way u want; drive a car if u want; and not be tied to some mean husband who u actually hate????

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